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Vincianflexible flag.

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The anisosexual flag.

Homoflexible or Anisosexual is used to describe an individual who is generally gay/homosexual (vincian or lesbian) and primarily experiences attraction to the same gender/similar genders, but has very occasionally tendencies to be attracted to other genders.

Another common way to use this term is individuals that are homosexual, but from time to time can experience attraction to the opposite binary gender. When they do experience attraction to the opposite gender, the attraction often has nothing to do with the individual’s gender, only the individual. This definition is common for gay individuals who have a partner that has come out as trans, who they still love and want to be together with even though they are now the opposite gender.

Individuals who identify as homoflexible may identify with this label only, or they may also identify as gay or lesbian. Homoflexible individuals may also identify as or be considered bisexual or otherwise multisexual, however for some homoflexibles their attraction to the opposite binary gender is so rare that they do not consider bisexual to be an accurate description of their orientation in most situations. Its counterpart is heteroflexible.

Kinsey Scale

The Kinsey Scale is a way to determine one's sexual preferences through a test. Once one takes the test, they will be given a score from 0-6; 0 being exclusively heterosexual, 6 being exclusively homosexual. Homoflexible individuals will usually fall at about a 5 on this scale.

Homoflexible Symbol