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Gynesexual, also called gynosexual, is a term with several possible definitions. First, is the attraction to women. This means that heterosexual men, lesbian women, and non-binary people attracted to women can be considered gynesexuals. The second possible definition is the attraction to people who present femininely, regardless of their actual gender. Thirdly, is the attraction to "female anatomy" regardless of whether that person identifies as female, however this definition is transphobic as it reduces people to their genitals.

This identity is sometimes referred to as "gynephilia" or "gynophilia," however, those terms are outdated.

The term was possibly made with non-binary or genderqueer people in mind. However, many non-binary people prefer terms like finsexual, venusic, or womasexual to describe this attraction, because gynesexual can have unfavorable connotations. Firstly, the term has no single definition. Additionally, the term gynesexual is commonly used by transphobes as a reason to exclude trans women because they are only attracted to "female anatomy" or "real women". Under this definition it reduces people to their genitalia, and puts cis women and pre-surgery trans men in the same group because they have "female anatomy".

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