The Grungic pride flag

Grungic (pronounced grunge-ick), also known as Grungecoric, is an aesthetigender related to the Grunge Aesthetic from the 1990s. Ones gender may feel dark, edgy, grimy, and be related to heavy metal and punk rock. It may also feel distorted and disenchanted, as well as hopeless. This may be due to trauma or neurodivegencies (example, depression) that may stem from one experiencing these connections to their gender. One may also be connected to another gender while also being grungic, or be connected to a specific type of gender expression. Some examples are:

Grungeboy: feeling male aligned, yet also connected to grungecore

Grungegirl: feeling female aligned, yet also connected to grungecore

Grungeenby: feeling non-binary, yet also connected to grungecore

Grungefem: feeling a feminine variation of grungecore

Grungemasc: feeling a masculine variation of grungecore

Grungeneu: feeling a neutral variation of grungecore

grungelia: feeling an androgynous variation of grungecore

History and Flag

Grungic was coined by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4 on April 13th 2021, and the flag was also made by them. The colours represent grunge fashion and aesthetic, with pale and earthy tones.

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