The gendervoid flag.

An alternate gendervoid flag

The gendervoid symbol.

Gendervoid or Voidgender refers to a gender which is an absence, a blank space or void where a gender might otherwise be.

Gendervoid vs. Agender

Gendervoid is similar to agender, and the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, while they do overlap, they are not always the same. Agender is a more broad term, it can also sometimes encompasses neutral genders. Additionally, while an agender individual may feel as though they never had a gender in the first place, a gendervoid individual may feel like there is an empty place where a gender would/should be but simply isn't or is unable to experience gender. One may also feel that the void itself is their gender.

Flags and Symbols

The original gendervoid flag has no explicit symbolism other than that black, grey, and dark blue represent the void. Original was made by Pride-Flags on deviant art.

The gendervoid flag by eleiinium.

Alt Gendervoid flag by eleiinium

Alt Gendervoid flag by eleiinium

The alternate gendervoid flag was created by fandom user Fruitindividual on February 28th, 2021. The black of the flag represents the void, the center black circle represents the void core. The two interior grey rings representing a feeling of absence and mirrors the circular design of a black hole. The third broken ring demonstrates absence of gender with a replacement of void to differentiate itself from agender and other-like identities.

The other alternative gendervoid flags were created by Tumblr user eleiinium on May 6, 2021 The black and greys represent that vast expanse and emptiness of the void.

First version- the circle and stripe represents the self and is in blue to tie in to the theme of void. The choice of a dark blue was heavily inspired by the original flag.

Second and third- the stars represent the void of space. They can also be for anyone who uses gender labels other than gendervoid, with the other labels being like stars in the void of space.

The other alternative gendervoid was created by wiki user Felix.guchi on June 11, 2021. It's meant to look like a simplified version of a space void.


Demigendervoid is a gender in which one is partially but not fully gendervoid. One may or may not identify as another gender in addition to being partially gendervoid.

The Demigendervoid flag

Alt demigendervoid flag by crayonpuppy.x [1]

Alt flag by Felix.guchi

This term was coined by FANDOM user Autumnstardust to help it better understand its identity.