The gendervast flag.

An alternate flag.

Another alternate flag.

Another alternate gendervast flag.

Gendervast, or vastgender, is a gender that can be described by many different labels, but is only one gender itself. The gender is hard or impossible to describe with just one term. It is similar to genderhoarder, but it is not fluid.


The term was coined by Tumblr user neo-identity on or before June 7, 2018. The flag was created by the same user.[1]


The gendervast flag colors are representative of varying gender experiences. Fuchsia represents femininity, purple represents both masculinity and femininity, blue represents masculinity, and shades of green represent neutral, genderless, and/or xenic genders.

The alternate flag was created by Reddit user Few-Gazelle8266 on the April 12, 2021.[2] The colors have no known meaning.

The third and fourth flags were both created by Wiki user Sardonicspence on August 31, 2021.[3] Fuchsia represents feminine identities, pink-leaning purple represents feminine-aligned identities, yellow represents gender-neutral/androgynous identities, white represents agender/genderless identities and all other identities that don't fit into the other stripes, green represents xenic identities, blue-leaning purple represents masculine-aligned identities, and blue represent masculine identities. The fourth flag includes colors from demigender flags to be more explicitly inclusive of demigender identities.