The gendersylphen flag

The demisylphen Flag.

Alternative full recolored gendersylphen flag

Gendersylphen, also known as genderfaonen, genderfeoren, or genderfenen is a form of genderfluidity in which someone is fluid exclusively (or nearly exclusively) between xenogenders or otherwise uncommon identities, masculine, and feminine genders. Someone who is gendersylphen would never identify as a binary woman or as a binary man. They almost always identify as something non-binary, or on the masculine/feminine spectrum. This identity can change at random and can also fluctuate in intensity. This identity is similar to genderfloren but is specifically for xenogenders/uncommon genders.


Alternative gendersylphen flag.

Demisylphen, also known as demifeoren, demifaonen, or demfenen is a gender which is partially static and partially fluid. The fluid part of the gender fluctuates between identities which are exclusively (or nearly exclusively) between xenogenders or otherwise uncommon identities, masculine and feminine genders, but will never be fully male or female. The static part of the gender is undefined, and can be anything, so it varies from individual to individual.


An alternate demisylphen flag designed by FANDOM User celestialboy42.

Gendersylphen was coined on November 2nd, 2020.


The gendersylphen flag takes the gendersylph flag and hueshifts parts of it to be pinker and bluer, representing femininity and masculinity.

The alternative gendersylphen flag was created by FANDOM user Hayden&co on May 10, 2021, the colour meanings are:

  • Turquiose- Masculinity without being male
  • Lime green- Agender/ Unaligned Genders
  • Yellow- Nonbinary/ Neutral aligned genders
  • White- Fluid and/or fluctuating gender
  • Orange- femininity without being female
  • Pink- Uncommon/Exclusive identities
  • Purple- Xenogenders

The alternative full recolored flag was created by user Httpyeello.

  • Blue - feeling masc aligned genders without binary.
  • Pastel blue - fluid between masc and nb.
  • Yellow - feeling of nb.
  • Little stripe of purple - masc fluid to feminine.
  • Purple - xenogenders.
  • Little stripe of pink - feminine fluid to masculine.
  • Orange/Pastel red - fluid between feminine and non-binary.
  • Pink - feeling fem-aligned genders without binary.