The gendersylph flag.

An alternate Gendersylph flag

An alternate gendersylph flag meant to be a combination of the xenogender and genderflor flags

Alternative genderslyph flag structured like the genderfluid flag; by Twitter user strwbryfemme

Gendersylph, also known as Genderfaon, Genderfeor, or Genderfen is a form of genderfluidity in which someone is fluid exclusively (or nearly exclusively) between xenogenders or otherwise uncommon identities. Someone who is gendersylph would never (or very rarely) identify as a gender within the binary. They almost always identify as something non-binary. This identity can change at random and can also fluctuate in intensity. This identity is similar to genderflor but specifically includes xenogenders/uncommon genders.

Variants of gendersylph include:

  • Gendersylphet, never being fully female but experiencing feminine genders.
  • Gendersylpher, never being fully male but experiencing masculine genders.
  • Gendersylphen, never being fully male or female but experiencing both masculine and feminine genders.


An alternate Gendersylph flag, combining the Xenogender and Genderflor flags.

A Demisylph flag

Demisylph, also known as demifaon, demifeor, or demifen, is a gender which is partially static and partially fluid. The fluid part of the gender is made up entirely (or almost entirely) of xenogenders. The static part of the gender is undefined, and can be anything, so it varies from individual to individual.


An alternate Demisylph flag.

Gendersylph was coined on May 1 2018 on the Tumblr blog uncommongenders,[1] and alternate names were coined by Tumblr blog Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags.[2]