The gendersaros flag.

Alternate gendersaros flag by emsydacat on Discord.

Gendersaros, also known as fluandrogyne, is a gender identity under the genderfluid label. A gendersaros person experiences a fluid gender identity, however they always experience their gender to be androgynous in some way. Gendersaros people can consider themselves androgyne and/or bigender.

Some gender experiences may fall under the label gendersaros include:

  • A person who is fluid between multiple androgynous identities.
  • A genderfluid person who feels androgyne or androgynous the majority of the time.
  • A person who feels their androgyne identity is made up of different fluid parts.
  • A person who feels that their fluidness and their androgyny are connected.
  • A person who is fluid in their androgyne or androgynous identity.
  • A bigender person who is both androgyne and a fluid identity.


The word "gendersaros" comes from the word "saros," meaning a period of time used to predict an eclipse. An eclipse is a mix of masculine and feminine energies, thus, gendersaros is an androgynous genderfluid.


The gendersaros flag is a combination of the genderfae, genderfaun, and androgyne flags. The creator assigned no meaning to it, instead wanting the community to assign a meaning to it, based upon their experiences.

An alternate gendersaros flag was made by emsydacat on August 1, 2021. It is made to resemble a combination of an alternate androgyne flag by the same creator and the genderfluid flag.