The genderflux flag.

Genderflux is a term for those whose gender fluctuates in intensity. It can be thought of as a form of genderfluid where agender is the base. Genderflux people can fluctuate from feeling 0% a given gender (agender), to being 100% a given gender. In between those extremes include being slightly a given gender, (libragender), to being partially a given gender, (demigender) to being mostly, but not entirely a given gender, (paragender). For example, a girlflux individual can fluctuate from agender, to librafeminine, to demigirl, to paragirl, to fully girl.

Although genderfluid people may sometimes be agender, they are not necessarily genderflux. Genderflux people generally do not change gender, only the intensity of their gender. For example, a boyflux person may only experience agender, boy, demiboy, and other varying levels boy. Someone who is solely boyflux will never experience genders that are not agender, boy, or partially boy. A genderfluid person may experience agender, boy, girl, and any other genders. Although genderflux is a specific type of genderfluidity the terms genderfluid and genderflux should not be used interchangeable.

Genderflux people can have multiple genders that fluctuate in intensity. Someone who experiences multiple genders that all fluctuate could identify as multiflux, and/or multigender. Someone who's gender is fluid and fluctuating at the same time may identify as fluidflux.

Genderflux people may also identify as non-binary, genderqueer, and/or transgender. The suffix -flux can be applied to any gender to indicate that the intensity of that gender fluctuates.

Common genderflux identities[edit | edit source]

  1. Boyflux
  2. Girlflux
  3. Enbyflux

History[edit | edit source]

The term genderflux was coined by Tumblr user Deergoths in 2014. They describe it as "Genderflux means that your internal sense of how gendered you are varies over time. One day, you might feel really gendered, and the next day, you might have a very weak feeling of gender, or not feel like any gender at all. Whereas genderfluidity is a shift between different genders, genderflux is more like varying intensity."

Flag[edit | edit source]

The genderflux flag has six stripes, with dark pink stands for women, light pink stands for demigirl, grey representing agender, light blue stands for demiboys, dark blue stands for men, and yellow stands for non-binary.

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