The genderfluid flag.

Symbol for individuals who are fluid between man and woman

Many types of fluidity

Genderfluid refers to someone whose gender identity changes over time. A genderfluid person can identify as any gender, or combination of genders at any given time. Their gender can change at random or it may vary in response to different circumstances. One's gender can change over the course of hours, days, weeks, or months. For some people their gender changes on a somewhat consistent 'schedule', for other their gender changes at random times. Genderfluid can be a gender identity on it's own or it could be used to describe anyone whose gender changes. For example, a bigender person who feels more strongly male sometimes and more strongly female other times may identify as genderfluid. Some genderfluid people can be fluid between all genders, or a large amount of genders. Other genderfluid people are fluid between a small handful of genders.

Genderfluid people may also identify as multigendernon-binary and/or transgender. Genderfluid people who feel as though only part of their gender is fluid may identify as demifluid. People who feel like the intensity of their gender changes or feel they are sometimes agender may identify as genderflux.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The genderfluid flag was created by JJ Poole, or Lostinthoughtspaceandfantasies on Tumblr, on August 2, 2012.[1] Pink represents femininity, blue represents masculinity, purple represents both femininity and masculinity, black represents a lack of gender, and white represents all genders.[2]

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