The genderfaer flag.

Alternate genderfaer flag structured like the genderfluid flag; by exclusionist Twitter user strwbryfemme

An alternate genderfaer flag by Rosemiya.

Genderfaer is a form of genderfluidity based off of genderfae, that never encompasses being fully male. Genderfaer people can be fluid between any range of genders, such as female, feminine genders, non-binary genders, unaligned genders, and xenogenders. It also includes masculine genders, or partly male genders but a genderfaer person never feels fully male.

Genderfaer Flag

An alternate genderfaer flag.

It is the counterpart to genderfaunet.


Demifaer flag

Demifaer is a gender which is partially static and partially fluid. The fluid part of the gender fluctuates between identities which are never fully male, however, they can be masculine, partially male, or male-aligned. The static part of the gender is undefined, and can be anything, so it varies from individual to individual.


Alternate genderfaer flag.

Genderfaer was coined by Tumblr user Pantasticenby on June 6, 2019[1]. The genderfaer flag was based on the genderfae flag, which was purposefully created without blue to show a lack of masculinity. The genderfaer flag uses similar colors, but features turquoise stripe to represent masculinity without being wholly male. One interpretation of the rest of the flag is the turquoise stripe means partial masculinity, the green stripe means less than partially masculine (1%-49%), the yellow stripe means little to no masculinity, the white stripe means genderless/neutral, the pink stripe means very/fully feminine, the light purple stripe means partially feminine, and the dark purple stripe means little to no femininity. The alternate flag was made by user Rosemiya on April 25, 2021. Pink represents binary women, the pinkish gray represents genders between binary female and non-binary genders/agender, such as demigirl and librafeminine, white represents non-binary genders, green represents a lack of gender/agender, and the grayish blue represents genders between binary male and non-binary genders/agender, such as paraboy and demiboy. Another flag was created by user strbwryfemme. @strwbryfemme's flags should be used with caution as fawn has a history of exclusionism against m-spec lesbians. [2][3]

alternate genderfaerflux flag


The Genderfaerflux Flag

Genderfaerflux is a combination of fluidflux and genderfaer. It defines when one is fluidflux but never encompasses any entirely masculine genders. The masculine equivalent is genderfaunetflux. The neutral equivalent is genderflorenflux.

History & Flag

Genderfaerflux was coined FANDOM users Autumnstardust and RainbøwCloudzz on May 14, 2021. The flag was created by RainbøwCloudzz on the same date. It has no confirmed meaning.