Gender Apathy Flag

Alternative Gender Apathy Flag

Gender Apathetic or Apagender is when a person really doesn't identify nor care about any particular gender. They are fine passing off as whatever and do not have an opinion towards their own gender. This is different than agender in that they may have a gender, but it's unimportant whether they have one or not, let alone what the gender is itself. Its common but not a lot of people know about it. It could be said as multiple terms like Trans Apathetic, Nonbinary Apathetic, Cis Apathetic (etc.). The terms that was listed are what the person would lean more towards. But a person doesn't need to be one of the terms was listed. They might say "Eh...I don't really think about it but I guess I'm..." to a person who asks them their gender. Most people don't know that gender apathetic people exist because they aren't really out there with their gender.

Gender Apathetic can be confused with Cassgender, which is when someone feels their gender is unimportant. The difference between Apagender and Cassgender is that Apagender people don't care how people gender them, whereas Cassgender means that the people don't think their gender is important.


The term was coined on August 27th of 2015 by Tumblr user stellette and stelllarts and was posted on pridearchive's page.

Alternative flag for Gender Apathetic made by the user Celerysoup

An alternative Gender Apathetic flag made by the user Celerysoup.


The flag was coined on August 27th of 2015 by Tumblr user pridearchive. Brown is for apathy, light blue is for sloth, white is for lack of gender, and grey is for confusion in ones gender.

Another version made by the user Celerysoup.

The alternative flag was made on September 10th of 2020 by Instagram user @clairen.cellocat. Black and white are both for lack of gender, pink is for femininity, blue is for masculinity, yellow is for outside of binary gender, green is for nonbinary, and purple is for a mix for gender.


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