A visual representation of the galactian genders.

An updated version of the galactian alignments.

The Galactian Alignment System

The galactian alignment system is a gender system created for non-binary people to describe their gender without having to use binary terms such as "masculine" or "woman-aligned". Not all non-binary people use the galactian alignment system.

The theme of space used in the galactian system was chosen because space is genderless, but aspects of it are often personified to have gender for artistic, religious, or cultural reasons. Non-binary people have also historically been associated with space. This is not to be confused with the celestial system or xenogenders, as the galactian alignment system used the theme of space only as a naming scheme.

The terms are not genders per se; they indicate gender alignment, which may not be related to one's actual gender or gender presentation.

The Galactian Genders[edit | edit source]

Combination Alignments:[edit | edit source]

Demi-Alignments:[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The terms used in the galactian alignment system were coined in August and September of 2016 on a Discord server with several Tumblr users. Around the same time Tumblr users Nonbinary-sapphic and Vergess made a post explaining the galactian system.[1] The combinations of the main three terms, stellarian, solarian, and lunarian, were coined soon afterward.

The term singularian was later coined in March 2017 by Tumblr user Stellunarian.[2]

The system was later expanded by System-Lgbt on July 25, 2018,[3] to include more demigender versions of the alignments. Terms added include: twilightian, equinoxian, solstian, constellian and aurorian. They also created updated flags for dawnian, duskian, and celestian.

In 2019 the system was expanded again, mainly by Uncommongenders to include xenine-alignments.[4] Added terms include: meteorian, penumbrian, annulian, siderealian, waxian, wanian, hafian, umbrian, synodian, phoenixian, duenixian and daenixian. However, no terms currently exist using the galactian alignment system for purely xenine-aligned, xenine-masculine aligned, and xenine-feminine aligned genders.

In 2020, a reddit and tumblr user by the name of gwhy334 made a post[5] listing some new terms for xenic-aligned genders. Added terms include: Spacialian, Cometian, Pistolian, and Atmospherian.[6]

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