The gai flag.

Gai can be defined as attraction that is gay but in a uniquely non-binary way. It is experienced by a non-binary person that is not straight, but also not to the same gender. This can mean several things based on the nature of one's gender and how they view their attraction. A non-binary person may consider only some of their attractions to be not-straight, or all of them to be so. They may identify as nblm, nblw, nblnb or any other orientation whilst also identifying their attraction as gai.

The term was intended to be similar in meaning to queer but specific to non-binary people and attraction. It has a similar meaning to diamoric.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The gai flag was designed by Tumblr user Orbisian-prinxess some time around December 24, 2017[1]. Orange is for solarians, yellow is for non-binary people in general, green is for stellarians, blue is for multi-attracted non-binary people who feel gai towards more than one gender, purple is for lunarians.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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