Froggender flag

Alternate Froggender Flag by noattractiononlyfroggie

Alternate Froggender Flag by the wiki user AngelicSomewhatFound

Alternate Froggender flag made by Likopinina

Alternate Froggender flag by SpaghettiMawn. The dark green represents frog colors, the dark blue represents male oriented froggenders, the purple represents female oriented froggenders and the light green represents neutral oriented froggenders.

Froggender, sometimes called froggigender or phroggigender, is a xenogender in which someone feels a strong connection to frogs, either strongly identifying with them, strongly enthusiastic about them, or simply wanting to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity.

It was made with neurodivergent people in mind, specifically autistic individuals, as well as people who may experience delusions relating to being a frog and/or people who experience species-regression, however, anyone can identify as froggender. It may also be a kingender for frogkin or related kintypes.


Alternate Froggender flag by noattractiononlyfroggie

The froggender flag was coined by user Enby-Pal, 26th of September, 2020.