The fraysexual flag.

Fraysexual (also known as ignotasexual) is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum. It is defined as when someone only experiences sexual attraction towards those that they are not deeply connected with, and lose that attraction as they get to know the person. Fraysexual is often described as being "the opposite of demisexual".

Fraysexual can be a sexual orientation on its own or can combined with other orientations. For example, one could be fraysexual and gay, meaning that when one does experience sexual attraction it's only towards people of the same gender.

The romantic counterpart to fraysexual is frayromantic.

Flag[edit | edit source]

Blue and cyan are meant to represent strangers or acquaintances. With blue being the complementary color to red and yellow, which symbolize romantic and platonic love. The white stripe represents a lack of attraction. The grey stripe represents confusion about sexual attraction.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The prefix fray- comes from the Olde English word for stranger.

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