The original foxgender flag, as coined by Tumblr user polyamaesthetic

Original Foxgender Flag

Foxgender is a xenogender which describes people who identify with foxes, or traits ascribed to foxes, such as being mischievous, active, and/or playful. It is also associated with a connection to nature. Foxgender people may identify as such because of their perceived past lives, culture, spirituality, or any other reason. Foxgender people may also identify as foxboys and/or foxgirls.

Foxgender falls under the umbrella of vulpisgender.

History[edit | edit source]

An alternative foxgender flag created by Twitter user fireinsects

Alt Foxgender Flag

The term foxgender was coined on the 24th of June, 2020, in a post by Twitter user bl0ss0mDance.[1] In this post, bl0ss0mDance describes the flag's meaning. The dark orange/brown stripe is for masc-aligned/masculine people that identify as foxgender, the orange stripe for foxes, the cream stripe for fem-aligned/feminine people that identify as foxgender, and finally, the white stripe for nonbinary people who identify as foxgender. The flag seems to be designed after the red fox, a common type of fox.

An alternate foxgender flag was introduced on the 7th of November, 2020, in a post by Twitter user fireinsects.[2] The six stripes of the flag represented neurodivergency, masculine identity & foxes, feminine identities & foxes, non-binary identities & foxes, types of fox not represented in the flag's color scheme, and nature. This post also included a simplified version of the flag, with four stripes, representing neurodivergency, gender identity, foxes, and nature. Followup posts in this thread depict flags for different types of fox, such as the arctic fox, fennec fox, and silver fox. fireinsects lists bl0ss0mDance's flag as an inspiration for this alternative flag. Twitter user BYBORlNGBRICK's foxgender flag is also cited as an inspiration.

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