The fluitic flag.

Fluitic is an identity for someone who desires a wavership. Alternately it can refer to someone who is unsure of what one desires from the object of their attraction, due to the that the nature of their attraction frequently shifts from one type to another. Fluitic was made with a-spec people in mind, but is not exclusive.

A fluitic relationship can also be used a synonym for a wavership.

Flag[edit | edit source]

Fluitic was coined on October 10, 2018 by the Tumblr user Wavership[1]. The flag was created at the same time. The color meaning for the flag are as follows: Blue represents loyalty; symbolizes staying with your partner while your relationship and attraction changes. White represents experiencing all or many kinds of attraction. Brown represents relationships that are murky, undefined, or somewhere between attraction types. Black represents a lack of kinds of attraction, or the fluidity/fluctuation between types of attraction.

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