The finmasexual flag.

Finmasexual is the exclusive attraction to men who are feminine in nature (FIN). It combines the concepts of finsexual: the attraction to femininity (regardless of gender) and masexual: the attraction to men, to mean an attraction to men who present femininely or otherwise gender non-conforming. Finmasexual people are not attracted to men who present masculinely and they are not attracted to women or feminine-aligned non-binary people. A finmasexual person might be attracted to masculine-aligned non-binary people who present femininely but it depends on the person.

The counterpart for masculine women is minwomasexual. The counterpart for masculine men is minmasexual.


Finmasexual was coined on LGBTA wiki on June 2, 2020 by Chaoticcylinder in response to HimoryWoods.[1]


The flag was created on June 17, 2020. The colors are a combination of the colors of the finsexual flag and the masexual flag, with the same symbol used on the finsexual flag. The pink represents a feminine gender presentation. The blueish purples are close to blue showing that one is still attracted to men, but they are also purple, more pastel, and more "feminine".


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