The fictosexual flag.

The fictoromantic flag.

Fictosexual, also known as Fictisexuality, is an umbrella term for anyone who experience exclusive attraction toward fictional characters, a general type of fictional characters, or whose sexuality is influenced by fictional characters.

It is also an aspec identity, as some aspec people may feel sexual/romantic attraction exclusively to people who they could never possibly be in a relationship with, such as fictional characters. It is sometimes referred to as fictionalsexual. A couple examples as to what identities are fictosexual would be animesexual, medusan, teratosexual, and spectrosexual.


There are multiple flags for the prefix Ficto-. The shades of black and grey are made to represent asexuality towards non-fictional people and characters, the stripe in the middle representing the type of attraction felt depending on the color (i.e purple being sexual, green being romantic, etc.), the black circle representing a "portal" to the fictional world in question, and the pink for the attraction felt.


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