The fictosexual flag.

Fictosexual, also known as fictisexual, fictonsexual,[1] fictiosexual,[2] fictionsexual[3] or fictionalsexual, is an umbrella term for anyone who experience exclusive sexual attraction toward fictional characters, a general type of fictional characters, or whose sexuality is influenced by fictional characters.

Some fictosexual individuals experience attraction to certain genders in fiction, but don't experience attraction to said genders in the non-fictional world. For example, one may experience attraction to all genders in fiction, but only experience attraction to women in the non-fictional world.

It is also an ace-spec identity, as some ace-spec individuals may feel sexual attraction exclusively to individuals whom they could never possibly be in a relationship with, such as fictional characters. The romantic equivalent is fictoromantic.

Identities under the fictosexual umbrella include...

  • Animatesexual - the attraction to anime/manga characters.
  • Cartosexual - the attraction to cartoon/comic characters.
  • Booklosexual - the attraction to novel/visual novel characters.
  • Visualnovelsexual - the attraction to visual novel characters.
  • Gamosexual - the attraction to video game characters.
  • Imagisexual- the attraction to fictional characters one can never see (book characters, podcast characters, etc.)
  • Inreasexual - the attraction to live-action TV show/movie characters.
  • OCsexual - the attraction to original characters.
  • Teratosexual - the attraction to monster-related characters.
  • Tobusexual - the attraction to vampire-related characters.
  • Spectrosexual - the attraction to ghost-related characters.
  • Nekosexual - the attraction to neko-related characters.
  • Anuafsexual - the attraction to other animal and human hybrid characters.
  • Multifictino - a mix of exclusive fictional attraction. Example: being attracted exclusively to anime and cartoon characters.
  • Aliussexual - an attraction for fictionkin. The attraction to fictional a character from their source.

There are also many who are fictosexual and has attraction to only one fictional character. Those who experience this may identify as certissexual.


The black and grey stripes represent the lack of attraction towards non-fictional individuals, the purple stripe represents sexual attraction and the asexual spectrum, the black circle represents a "portal" to the fictional world in question, and the pink represents attraction to fictional characters.

Fictosexuality vs paraphillia

Fictosexuality is often confused with a paraphillia, however, this is by definition an incorrect case. Paraphillias are known as sexual disorders and harmful desires, often leading to the distress of the person experiencing them and/or those around them.

Fictosexuality, however, does not usually cause harm, as it does not influence or promote any harmful or dangerous acts, and is simply a desire/attraction to one who does not exist outside of fiction. In some cases, one who is fictosexual may feel levels of distress due to being unable to have sexual feelings for people in reality, however this does not mean that everyone who is fictosexual feels this way, nor does it mean fictosexuality is bad.

Fictosexuality does not include attraction to harmful fictional tropes (such as lolitas) and those with harmful attractions are not the target group for fictosexuals.


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