The femmesexual flag by milky-waygalaxy.

The femmesexual flag by lithigender.

The femmesexual flag by HakuoTan.

Femsexual, also known as femmesexual, is a term with several, independently created definitions. Currently one of the most widely seen definitions is a subcategory of pansexual, in which one is attracted to feminine individuals (may include androgynous individuals), regardless of gender.[1] It is also sometimes defined as the attraction to women and feminine individuals.[2] These definitions are similar to finsexual.

It is sometimes also used a synonym of gynesexual.[3]

The spelling femmesexual is sometimes used interchangeably with femsexual but it is less commonly used. It may also be interpreted to mean the attracted to femmes.

History and Other Definitions

The earliest use of the term was by Twitter user BadBadOfelia on October 30, 2010, though no definition was given.[4] The most commonly seen definition of femmesexual was created by Urban Dictionary user cynxcity on September 12, 2011.[1]

On June 15, 2020 femmesexual/femsexual was coined by HakuoTan and was defined as the attraction to women, femmes, feminine-aligned non-binary individuals, and androgynous non-binary individuals. This definition is also called venusexual. The counterpart to this definition is mascusexual (as defined by HakuoTan).


The femmesexual flag was created by Tumblr user milky-waygalaxy and an anonymous creator on January 21, 2019.[5]

On February 25, 2020, Tumblr user lithigender redesigned the femmesexual flag based on the gynesexual flag.[6] The blue stripe represents attraction to feminine boys, the magenta stripe attraction to non-binary individuals, and the orange stripe attraction to feminine girls.

HakuoTan's femmesexual flag was created on June 15, 2020. The dark fuchsia stripe represents passion and strong femininity, the medium fuchsia stripe love, the light fuchsia stripe natural beauty, the brown stripe women and non-binary individuals of color, the gold stripe individuals who are mildly feminine, the light yellow stripe individuals who are completely androgynous, and the white stripe trans women and other transfeminine individuals.