The original feminamoric flag.

Feminamoric is a diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary and/or genderqueer people who are attracted exclusively to women. The term is necessary because most other ways to say that one is attracted to woman involve the assumption of one's gender. For example, a straight person attracted to women is usually a man or man-aligned. A gay or lesbian person attracted to women is usually a woman or woman-aligned. Some non-binary people are uncomfortable with this, so the term feminamoric was created to state attraction to women unrelated to one's gender.

The masculine counterpart to feminamoric is viramoric; the non-binary counterpart is ceteramoric. Another term to refer to this is gynosexual, based on the prefix gyno-, meaning "of or related to women." This term is uncomfortable for some, as it originated in the behavioral science field. Additionally, the prefix has a history of use in transphobic circles.


The term comes from the Latin words femina, meaning "woman", and amor, meaning "love".


In the original flag, there were 5 stripes: maroon, white, pink, white, olive green. Some colors were borrowed from the genderqueer and diamoric flag.

In a proposed new feminamoric flag, for numerous reasons—the Venus symbol is used to symbolize women, the clouds covering the planet Venus' surface are blue, and the mythological roman goddess Venus emerged from the sea when she was born—, shades of blue are used to represent non-binary or genderqueer people's attraction to women. The dark blue stripes are double the size of the light blue stripe in the center, and the medium blue stripes are 1.5x the size of the light blue stripe. The triangle displays the non-binary flag, and in the second image, there are the non-binary and the woman gender symbols interlocked.

In the "yellow banner" non-binary version of the flag, the non-binary colors dominate the flag to show that the individual's non-binary-ness is central to the attraction and is what makes the attraction inherently non-straight. The colored stripes at the side represent gender. As Venus is seen as the "female" planet, and is yellow, the yellow shades represent the female gender the non-binary person is attracted to.

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