Faunic is a term to describe gay women and gay (WLW or NBLW) non-binary people. It can also be defined as non-men attracted to non-men, including all NBLW, WLNB, and NBLNB attractions. Thus, it more explicitly includes non-binary people.

It can be used as the exclusive counterpart to daunic. Daunic and faunic are the non-man counterpart to lesbian and sapphic.

All of the male counterparts to faunic, daunic, lesbian, and sapphic are turian, floric, vincian, and achillean, respectively.


The stripe meanings are as follows: Spring green represents expression and identity. White represents history, solidarity, and accepting one another. Pink represents the community, and the diversity within it. Green represents experiences with femininity. Dark green represents power, pride, and independence.

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