The faesari flag.

Faesari (pronounced fay-sar-ee) is a gender identity that is in the neutral spectrum, but still has a strong connection to femininity. It is different from demigirl, as it is not tied to being a woman. It's connected to femininity as a concept, which can include feminine identities, presentation, expression, pronouns, and orientations.

Similar identities include juxera and fegender. The masculine equivalent of faesari is cenrell, and the androgynous equivalent is censari.

Fluctuating between faesari and female is girlfaeflux. Being faesari but with the connection to femininity fluctuating is called Faesariflux.


The faesariflux flag by Stitchy0.

Alternate faesariflux flag by රෆී

Faesariflux is a gender identity that is similar to Faesari, in which one is most comfortable on the neutral spectrum, but instead their connection to femininity fluctuates. Feminine identities, presentation, expression, pronouns, and sexual or romantic orientations often fluctuate, but their gender identity remains static.

History and Flags

The term faesari and its flag were coined by Tumblr user SynHeart and submitted to the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 2, 2018[1]. The top half of the flag was inspired by the skin colour palettes of the asari race from the mass effect series; the bottom half represents the idea of femininity.

The faesariflux flag was created by user Stitchy0. The meanings of its colours are unknown.

An alternate faesariflux flag was created by FANDOM user රෆී, on 16th June 2021. Beige represents androgyny, light tan represents neutrality, light brown represents fluctuation between femininity and androgyny, purple represents feminine androgyny and pink represents femininity.


The term faesari is derived from the word asari - an all-female species from the Mass Effect game series.