The exipronoun flag.

Exipronouns, paleopronouns, archpronouns or trad pronouns is a term to refer to the “standard” naturally/traditionally existing pronoun sets of a language. They are the opposite of neopronouns. In English exipronouns are he/him, she/her, and they/them, as well as it/its (though some people may consider "it" be a neopronoun, since it's not standard usage when referring to a person).


The term exipronoun was coined by Tumblr user Anicrossic on June 30, 2020, and trad pronoun on the same post was coined by trans-kayn.[1] The term paleopronoun[2] was coined by the Tumblr user lgbtqiarchive in August 16th, 2019, and the term archpronoun was coined by Tumblr user carbonated-neon on August 15th, 2019.


The flag was created by Tumblr user the-gender-collector-emself on July 2, 2020.[3] The stripes each represent a different pronoun set: blue represents he/him, purple represents she/her, green represents it/its, and yellow represents they/them. Orange represents people who use a combination of these pronouns.


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