The enboy flag.

Alternate Enboy flag by Accidental-Therapist

Enboy, also known as Manby or Guyby is a term for someone who is a non-binary man. It can be used by anyone who identifies as both a man and as non-binary. It can include: multigender individuals with a non-binary gender and man, gendervast individuals, individuals who are genderfluid or genderflux between non-binary and male, a male-aligned non-binary individual (solarian), a neumale (neutrois male), etc.[1][2]

The feminine counterpart of enboy is girlby.

Demienboy flag by Reign of the breadsticcs.


Demienboy (or demimenby or demiguyby) is a gender identity which can refer to a few different things including:

  1. Someone who is partially, but not entirely an enboy or non-binary man.
  2. A multigender individual who is both demiboy and deminonbinary (they may be other genders as well).
  3. A monogender individual who feels their gender is a singular "fusion" of demiboy and deminonbinary.
  4. A individual whose gender is some percent boy and some percent non-binary, making both only partial components of their gender and therefore demigender components.
  5. A genderfluid individual who is fluid between demiboy and deminonbinary (they may be fluid between other genders as well).