Enbian is a diamoric orientation that refers to attraction to non-binary people (shortened to nblnb). An enbian person may either be exclusively attracted to non-binary people or to other genders as well. Coordinate terms of enbian include achillean and sapphic.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The prefix enb- of enbian comes from enby, a shortening of the word non-binary.

Flags[edit | edit source]

In August 2016 Tumblr user enbians created a the first enbian flag[1].

In the same month, Tumblr user enbians made two variations of the enbian flag[2].

In July 2017, Tumblr user non-birbnary created two variations of the first enbian flag[3][4].

In October 2017, Tumblr user the-ross-winchester created a nblnb/enbian flag based off of the nblw/trixic flag and nblm/toric flag[5].

In June 2018, Tumblr user nblnb created an enbian flag inspired by the-ross-winchester's enbian flag[6][7].

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