The electio aroace flag.

An electio aroace is a person who is aromantic, asexual and does not experience any form of tertiary attraction. Despite this lack of attraction electio aroace desire and seek out relationships, whether this be sexual, romantic, queerplatonic, etc. They may indicate what genders they desire a relationship with, such as bi electio aroace, or lesbian electio aroace for example.

Electio aroace is similar to oriented aroace and angled aroace, but unlike those identities electio aroaces do not experience any form of tertiary attraction. Electio aroace may also have some overlap with cupioromantic and sex favorable/romance favorable however these identities may include people who feel tertiary attraction, while electio aroace is more specific.


Electio aroace was coined by the Tumblr user Electioaroace on or before July 18, 2019[1]. It was originally called cupio aroace, however it was later changed to avoid confusion with the cupioromantic identity (as cupioromantic does not necessarily imply a lack of tertiary attraction). One may not have to identify as cupioromantic to identify as electio aroace.


"Electio" comes from Latin ēligō +‎ -tiō. It means "choice or selection"


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