The duaric flag.

Alternative duaric flag made by JuliQP on the wikia.

Duaric refers to julietian women (women loving men) and romeric men (men loving women). Duaric people do not have to be exclusively attracted to that gender. The term was made as an alternate to "straight" or “het”, when referring to a relationship between a man and woman, because in that case one or more people involved might be multisexual or otherwise not heterosexual (although they may be). Duaric includes straight people, as well as bisexuals, pansexuals, and any other men who are attracted to women and women who are attracted to men.

Duaric can be used as an identity or as a way to describe a relationship between a man and a woman. In such a case one or both people may be straight, but it is commonly used to refer to relationships between a man and a woman where one or both are not straight.


Alternative Duaric flag designed by Wikia User Apersonthatisliving

The term was coined by Tumblr user Nbandproud. The first mention of it on their blog was on March 23, 2018, however it appears the term was around before that[1].


The flag was created by Tumblr user Arco-Pluris on May 20, 2018[2]. The colors likely represent women with pink and men with blue.