The drakefluid flag.

Drakefluid is an identity in which one's gender is gender is fluid or fluctuating, but one can’t find just a few terms to describe what their fluctuating gender is, so they “hoard” gender terms that fit them. This term is exclusive to people who are dragonkin, or similar kintypes. The non-kin version is genderhoarder.


The term drakefluid was coined through an anonymous ask to the Tumblr blog Pridearchive on July 21, 2014[1].


The flag was created by Pridearchive on July 21st of 2014. Dark and light green represent air dragons, dark and light blue represent water dragons, dark and light red represent fire dragons, dark and light brown represent earth dragons, pink and purple represent fey dragons, blue and black represent dark dragons, and light and dark grey represent all other types of dragons.


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