The demineutrois flag.

Alternate demineutrois flag by LGBTA Wikia user DeathByGlamourrrr

Demineutrois (also called demineutral) is a gender in which one is partially, but not fully, neutrois or neutral. They may or may not identify as another gender in addition to being partially neutrois or neutral. Demineutrois people may also identify as non-binary. If a demineutrois person was not assigned X at birth, they may also consider themselves transneutral.

The masculine equivalent to demineutrois is demiboy, the feminine equivalent is demigirl, and the non-binary equivalent is deminonbinary. There are also demiagenders which are people who feel partly agender and partly another gender (usually a non masc, fem or neutral gender, example: partly aporagender).


The first flag was designed by Mod Hermy on the Pride-Flags Deviantart on January 10th, 2018. It is a combination of the neutrois flag and the demigender flag. The second flag was coined by Lovenderr on the LGBTA Wikia on December 28th, 2020. The other two flags were coined by unknown people.


  1. Another demineutrois flag by unknown

    Another demineutrois flag by unknown
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