Demigender is a gender, or set of genders, in which one is partially, but not fully a gender. It can also be for people who feel the barest connections to a gender, but not enough to fully identify as that gender. Demigender people may identify as another gender, in addition to their demigender. Demigender can also be an identity in itself, for people who feel connection to the concept of gender. Demigender people often identify as non-binary and may also identify as transgender.

Being demigender does not necessarily mean that one is partially a gender (like male or female) and partially agender. One can be, for example, a demiboy and a demigirl at the same time, being partially a boy and the other part is a girl. A demigender person may also experience a partial connection to a third gender that is not agender, or the absence of a gender. They may also feel that partial connection is a gender, but it cannot necessarily be described.

Theoretically any gender can have a demigender version of it, in which one is partially but not fully connected to said gender. Some of the most common demigenders include:

  • Demigirl, in which someone identifies partially as a woman or with the concept of femininity.
  • Demiboy, in which someone identifies partially as a man or with the concept of masculinity.
  • Deminonbinary, in which someone identifies partially as non-binary.
  • Demifluid, in which one's gender is partially fluid, with another part being static.

Similar genders include libragender and paragender.

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