The cupioromantic flag.

A cupioromantic flag.

Cupioromantic, also known as kalosromantic, is a micro-label on the aromantic spectrum. Cupioromantic is defined as someone who does not experience romantic attraction but still desires a romantic relationship. Cupioromantic people are typically romance favorable but they do not have to be. Cupioromantic may also be used by people who sometimes feel romantic attraction but still desire a romantic relationship even without attraction, for example, a demiromantic person who dates someone before they feel attraction to them, possibly on the assumption that they will develop romantic attraction later on.

The sexual equivalent is cupiosexual.

Flag Meaning[edit | edit source]

The alternate cupioromantic flag was proposed by an anonymous Wiki user in the October of 2020. This was done to help distinguish between the cupiosexual flag and the cupioromantic flag, as the flags were the same beforehand. The flag was turned upside down, since the aro flag is upside down compared to the ace flag. Another stripe was also added to match the aromantic flag, which, in the same way, has one stripe more than the asexual flag. The pink was changed to peach as a way to show that the desired relationship type is romantic, rather than sexual.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The prefix cupio- comes from the Latin word cupio, meaning "to desire" or "to long for".

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