The cryptidgender flag has 5 horizontal rows of color. The two outer colors are black, the middle a grey, and the two others being a dark red.

The cryptidgender flag.

Cryptidgender is a neurogender that can only be understood in the context of a psychotic disorder. It feels inconsistent, hard to make sense of, disordered, or disconnected from reality. This gender differs from psychogender in the sense that one feels as though they are experiencing gender from a nonhuman perspective, possibly feeling supernatural, mythical, or even strange as a result of one's psychotic disorder. Similar terms are psychogender, aliengender, and stargender.


It was coined by Tumblr user incusins on September 17, 2020.[1]


The flag was designed by incusins on the same day of coining.[1] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.


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