The coeosexual flag

Coeosexual is a sexuality on the asexual spectrum that is the opposite of demisexual. Coeosexual people can experience sexual attraction for people they have not met before, although these feelings may be fleeting, or not strong enough to warrant a relationship. Coeosexual people are prone to intense smushes on people they barely know, which can be as intense as an attraction an allosexual person would feel after developing a relationship over many years.

Similar terms include lithosexual and fraysexual.


Coeosexuality was created by user Sirpurple04.[1]

Coeosexual is derived from the Latin word "Coeo" meaning "Meet, unite, or have connection.[2]

The flag was also designed by user Sirpurple04. The colour meanings are as follows: The pink represents passion, blue-grey represents uninterest, purple represents how both of these feelings can be felt by the same person and the white symbolises a "blank slate".[3][4]

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