The cinnab flag.

Cinnab describes non-binary people who present with a combination of traditionally masculine and androgynous features.

Cinnab is a term from the pallet system of non-binary gender presentation. It's used to describe non-binary people's gender presentation without having to use the binary language like "masculine" or "woman-aligned". It is similar to the lesbian terms "butch" and "femme". The term was designed to be used along side the galactian alignment system, but can be used by any non-binary person. For example a masculine and androgynous presenting, masculine aligned non-binary person could call themself cinnab solarian.


The flag was designed by Tumblr user Elfiot, the coiner of the term, in January 2018[1].

The symbol in the center of the flag is a combination of the elemental signs for fire and earth, which are used on the vermil and pewt flags to represent femininity and androgyny.


Cinnab is derived from the word cinnabar, which is a shade of red.


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