Ceterosexual, previously skoliosexual, is an orientation referring to someone who is exclusively attracted to non-binary and/or genderqueer people.

The ceterosexual flag.

An alternate/outdated term for ceterosexual is skoliosexual, but the label was highly controversial due to "skolio-" translating to "crooked" or "bent", and thus ceterosexual was made as a replacement term. While ceterosexual is a new term, it uses the same flags that skoliosexual used.


Alternate ceterosexual (skoliosexual) flag by @potionflags on Tumblr.

Ever since its creation, ceterosexual has remained a controversial identity within the LGBTA+ community. Some claim that only nonbinary/genderqueer people may call themselves ceterosexual, while others believe the term should not be used at all due to accusations of fetishization.

On the contrary, many feel that this term should be available for anyone, because just as you cannot tell who is nonbinary by looks alone, you also cannot tell who is a man or a woman by first glance either.


The prefix cetero- means "other."

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