Not to be confused with Ceterosexual.

Ceteramoric flag

Ceteramoric flag (with interlocked non-binary symbols)

Ceteramoric (Teramoric or Ceteroamoric) is a diamoric orientation that refers to a non-binary and/or genderqueer person who is exclusively attracted to other non-binary and/or genderqueer people.

The term is necessary since similar terms, such as enbian and enboric, refer to attraction that isn't specifically exclusive. Also, with the term ceterosexual, since "cetero-" is only used as a prefix to put in front of a type of attraction, the term ceterosexual (previously skoliosexual) isn't enough of a counterpart to terms like viramoric and feminamoric. Ceteramoric is a unifying term to include those who's "cetero-" attraction isn't sexual.

The masculine counterpart to ceteramoric is viramoric and toramoric. The feminine counterpart to ceteramoric is feminamoric, trixamoric and vixenamoric.


The color yellow is known as a non-gendered color, so shades of gold are used to represent non-binary and/or genderqueer people and their attraction to other non-binary and/or genderqueer people. The dark gold stripes are double the size of the light gold stripe in the center, and the medium gold stripes are 1.5x the size of the light gold stripe. The triangle displays the non-binary flag, and in the second image, there is a pair of interlocked non-binary symbols.

Controversy of "Cetero-"

Some claim that only non-binary/genderqueer people may call themselves cetero-, while others believe the term should not be used at all due to accusations of fetishization. However, many feel that this term should be available for anyone, even those who aren't non-binary/genderqueer.


The prefix cetero- means "other".

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