A flag with 4 stripes, the first is blue, the second is a lighter blue, the third is lilac and the last is white.

A cessagender flag.

Cessagender is an aesthetigender relating to calm and soft yet muted feelings, and is often slightly melancholic. It feels as if it is ocean waves lapping at a sandy shore, a gentle yet somewhat "sad" feeling. It is often unaligned but can be otherwise aligned. It can be paired with a suffix (e.g. cessagirl) if desired.


The prefix cessa- is derived from the Latin word cessabit, meaning "calm".


The term was coined by FANDOM user -raining constellations- on April 3rd, 2021.


A flag with 5 stripes, the first 4 fade from teal to dark blue/violet, and the last stripe is orange.

Another cessagender flag.

There are two versions of the cessagender flag, the one with four stripes was created by FANDOM user LiterallyJustExisting[1], and the one with five stripes was created by FANDOM user Idratherhavecake[2], both were made on April 3rd, 2021.

In the flag by FANDOM user LiterallyJustExisting, the blues represents ocean waves, additionally, blue is a color commonly associated with calmness and sadness, the purple/lilac is a muted color, and lilac is another color associated with calmness, and white is a neutral color, so it contrasts with the rest of the flag.

In the flag by FANDOM user Idratherhavecake, the colors resemble the ocean, and represent peace and sadness.