Cenrell flag as designed by feraltucute on Tumblr.

Cenrell (pronounced sen-rell) is a gender identity that is on the neutral spectrum, but still has a strong connection to masculinity. It is different from demiboy, as it is not tied to being a man. It's connected to masculinity as a concept, which can include masculine identities, presentation, expression, pronouns, and orientations.

Similar identities include proxvir and mascgender. The feminine equivalent of cenrell is faesari.

Flag[edit | edit source]

Simplified cenrell flag

Cenrell simplified design, based on the one by feraltucute. Design by desporkable on Tumblr.

The term cenrell was originally coined by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 16, 2018[1]. The name is based off the Drell species from the Mass Effect games, as the player mostly see males of the race in the series. The original flag was based on the color palette of the Drell.

The original cenrell flag.

An alternate cenrell flag was design by Tumblr user Feraltucute on July 4, 2019[2]. Blues represent varying intensities of masculinity. Greens represent the neutral gender spectrum. White represent being void of gender or genderless (agender). A simplified version of the flag was made by Desporkable on Jan 6th, 2020[3].

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