The catgender flag

an alternative catgender flag by EggHeggley

the catgender symbol

Catgender is a xenogender in which someone feels an extremely strong connection to cats or other felines, either strongly identifying with them or simply wanting to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity. It was made with neurodivergent people in mind, specifically autistic individuals, as well as people who may experience delusions relating to being a cat or other feline, or people who experience species regression. However, anyone may identify as catgender.

Catgender can also be an umbrella term. Genders that fall under catgender include meowgender, nyagender, kitten, kittygender, catfluid, and others.

Flags[edit | edit source]

The term was used as early as 2014; the original catgender flag was created by DeviantArt user PN-TME on December 6, 2019.[1]

The pink, purple, and blue flag with a purple cat face silhouette on it was designed by Twitter user @hueningafton as late as June 18, 2020.

An alternative catgender flag was created by Twitter user EggHeggley on October 10, 2020.[2]

Resources[edit | edit source]

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