The cassexual flag.

Alternate Flag By Annabanana181913

Alternate flag by Lovely.little.ArSoN

Cassexual is an identity where one feels that one is indifferent to the idea of sexuality, and believes it is not an important part of their identity. A cassexual individual may be on the asexual spectrum, but does not have to be.

The romantic counterpart to cassexual is casromantic.


"Cass" means "to render useless or void" in English.


This term was coined on September 28, 2014 by tumblr user okaygender via mogai-archive.[1]


The flag was coined by Tumblr user pride-color-schemes on June 27, 2016. [2] The colors of the flag are muted to represent apathy. They do not have a known individual meaning.


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