CTF or Close To Female is a term for intersex individuals who can be closely described as a female, or described as 'almost female' but aren't actually female. This usually implies one has XX chromosomes, a vagina or something similar to a vagina, and other feminine traits while not being entirely female.

This term is important, as the term "AFAB" implies that they are assigned female at birth, which isn't always the case, müllerian implies they are not intersex, and POV implies they have a vagina, which is not always the case.

Many CTF individuals have XX chromosomes, however they do not have to. Instead, they may have other feminine traits such as ovaries, a uterus, a feminine body, etc. All that matters is that they can easily be classified as 'almost female.'

They may have ambiguous genitals, be on the agenital spectrum, or have a penis which means they may be assigned male at birth instead. Because of this, calling them AFAB may be incorrect to properly describe their experiences.

The masculine counterpart is CTM.

CTF variations


The term CTM was coined by Cryptocrew, specifically Angel, to fill a much needed gap in language.

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