The bunnygender flag.

Cleaned-up bunnygender flag.

The alternate bunnygender flag by Unicornian.

Bunnygender is a xenogender in where someone feels a connection to bunnies or other similar animals, whether it be a connection to them or simply incorporating them into their gender to better understand it. Bunnygender was made mostly for neurodivergent people, specifically for autistic people. However, anyone can identify as bunnygender.

Your gender can be associated with qualities of bunnies and cute rabbits, such as being cute, fluffy, small and soft. It is a faunagender and may also be a kingender and/or aesthetigender.


The bunnygender flag was made by Twitter user @transvampires.[1] Green is for neurodivergence, white is for non-binary and transgender people, and blue is for being content with one's gender. The alternate flag was by Unicornian on March 25, 2021. The first two greens are for grass excoriated with rabbits, brown is for rabbits, yellow is for fluffyness, orange is for carrots and food, white is for softness, pink is for love, blue is for cuteness, yellow is for cute rabbits and fluffyness, green is for qualities of rabbits, and purple is for magic associated with rabbits.


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