Sgtdeathcat Sgtdeathcat 8 November 2020

My venufluid, marfluid and eafluid flags

Hello! I don’t really like the venufluid, marfluid and eafluid flags very much so I redesigned them. The flags are meant to be in the style of the genderfluid flag and the colours of the flags are meant to be feminine, masculine or non-binary colours. Hope you enjoy my redesigns.

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Isimpformultipleanime Isimpformultipleanime 4 November 2020

Gender and all that

I'm questioning my gender and like its all so confusing, aaaaaaaaaah help me!

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Blqckbeqr Blqckbeqr 3 November 2020


Okay so- I think im missing out on a sexuality for me.. Like something is missing. I'm Frayromantic, Reciprosexual, and Bisexual but I feel like im missing one. Demisexual and Asexual are kinda close but Instead of me having to make a strong connection with the person or not having any sexual attraction at all it just takes a long long time to actually fall for someone. And when I do I back out of it and pretend it's not real feelings or whatever- Is there an actual Sexuality that defines that description or is at least sort of close it it? If so please let me know im internally struggling TvT

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Stitchy0 Stitchy0 1 November 2020

An Angelic gender system

I'm angelkin and I feel like my gender identity as male was directly impacted by my kin. I feel as though I do not experience gender in the same way a human might and I wanted to give other angels similar words. So, I created this:

Angelian- An angelic gender that is unaligned

Archerlian- An angelic gender that is masculine

Princelian- An angelic gender that is feminine

Powelian- An angelic gender that is unaligned and masculine

Virtelian- An angelic gender that is unaligned and feminine

Dominelian- An angelic gender that is masculine and feminine

Seraphelian- An angelic gender that is Masculine, feminine and unaligned

If anyone wants to make flags for these, please do so, I am bad at making flags. However, I would like it if you stuck to the sam…

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Thebiboblin Thebiboblin 30 October 2020

How should I come out to my class

I want to come out to my class with my pronouns but I really don't know how. I go to a girls school and use she/they pronouns. I don't know if they'll understand my pronouns and identity. I have used pronoun earrings at school but only 2 people asked/complemented them. My school has a dress code and it is very strict. I am only out with my gender and sexuality to my close friends at school. I have a pretty accepting school but there are still homophobes in my class. I just want my pronouns to be accepted by my class. What should I Do?

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Shinsouboi Shinsouboi 29 October 2020

My new OC drawings

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 28 October 2020

A problem.

I can't decide my sexuality.. would that make me questioning..?

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Cheese090 Cheese090 24 October 2020

My Gender Crisis

Hello! I am new to this wiki. I came here because I’ve been confused recently. So I’ve discovered I feel comfortable with any pronouns. However, I want a non-binary appearance, and don’t like my breasts and other pubescent female things. This is confusing because I don’t know if I’m non-binary, or I’m something else. It would be great if you had any suggestions for what I might be. My family isn’t transphobic, however they don’t know much about the lgbtqia+ community.

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Cryptocrew Cryptocrew 21 October 2020

new pages

hey, if anyone needs help creating a new page for their gender, sexuality, romantism, etc we'd be willing to help!! just comment the pride flag, name, and definition. if you dont have a pride flag, we can make it (with your consent).

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MaxTheTransGuy MaxTheTransGuy 21 October 2020


i am so happy that me and LittlePrettyKittyAlly have relsed our new term, demisexual spike and demiromantic spike. i want to thank her so much for letting me help her, letting me make both flags and helping me find out my sexualty which is demi spike. i love her (platonically) and hope great things will happen to her. so thank you so much Lucy you really have changed my life

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LittlePrettyKittyAlly LittlePrettyKittyAlly 16 October 2020

The allo-spec in a nutshell

So basically the allo-spec is the opposite of the a-spec

in which the a-spec meaning with the suffix a- meaning none or lack like......

  • Asexual
  • Aromantic
  • Agender
  • Aplatonic

These are.......

The lack of sexual attraction

The lack of romantic attraction

The lack of gender

The lack of platonic attraction

Agender means the lack of gender but It has the suffix a- which means it’s on the a-spec same thing with apl

Let’s cut to the chase

allosexual is similar to heterosexual but instead of being compared to the h-spec (homo spec)

it is compared to the a-spec

alloplatonic, allogender, and alloromantic are all forms of the allo spectrum

they are used most of time by an, Dyadicstaticcishet which means a not gender fluid, not intersex, not transgender, not on the homo…

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Ubersketch Ubersketch 12 October 2020

I coined a bunch of variant terms

I've made some terms referring to alignment, exclusive gay attraction to binary people, desired sex characteristics, and some other random ones. Check them out.

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Chikin Perete Chikin Perete 1 October 2020

Gender Arngorym LegoSexual (GALS)

So, yeah.

I created this flag for an unofficial reason i guess...

Maybe this kind of flag is about a Women and a Men attracted to a Non-binary who is falling live with the lego franchise i think...

maybe i just created this non-existent flag for a while now.

here is the image.

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Mew-ltiverse Mew-ltiverse 24 August 2020

90scoric Flag

The other day I was looking through terms on MOGAIpedia without flags, and I saw 90scoric didn't have one, so I made one! I'll probably do this for more terms, but post them in bulk. So if anyone wants to write the article for 90scoric (if I don't get to it first lol), flag!

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 13 August 2020

"I'm Questioning My Sexuality, Is There A Term For..." (Part 3)

This is the last part in a three part masterpost for people questioning their orientation. This part will cover aro-spec identities, identifying whether you're ace-spec or not, as well as tertiary forms of attraction.

Part 1

Part 2

  • 1 What is Romantic Attraction
    • 1.1 Potential Signs of Being Aro-Spec
  • 2 Ace-Spec Identities
    • 2.1 More Aro-Spec Terms
    • 2.2 For When You Can’t Classify Your Attraction
  • 3 Words To Describe Your Feelings Towards Romance
    • 3.1 I Don’t Like Romance
    • 3.2 No Strong Opinion
    • 3.3 I Like the Idea of Romance
    • 3.4 It’s Complicated
  • 4 Other Types of Attraction
  • 5 FAQ

Romantic attraction is harder to identify than sexual attraction. This is because there are no complete, 100% signs of romantic attraction. There are things that are typically associated with romance…

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PokemonRay66 PokemonRay66 31 July 2020

I need advice...

So my BFF just came out as trans less then a week ago. I have known him for almost 2 years now, and for most of that time, he was a girl. I am perfectly fine of his decision, actually supportive, but I myself and still a bit confused. I looked up stuff about transgender, and looked into as much as I could. But I am still confused. How should I deal with this? Does anyone have any advice for people whose friend just came out as trans? How do I get past the confusion? I am seeing him today, so I don't think anyone will get back that soon, but I just hope I get at least one response. If anyone has had a friend that came out as trans, can you give me some advice, or if you are trans, advice on how you would find it respectful?

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PokemonRay66 PokemonRay66 27 July 2020

Lgbta experience: parts 1 and 2

Part 1: Introduction 

Hey everyone! I had this thought recently, and I wanted to see if this'd even work. So I am constantly asking for what it is like to have X sexuality or X gender. I decided that it would easier if instead of asking when I get confused, making blog posts, featuring different subjects for people to talk about.

Here is how it would work: First, I would give the subject of the part (so for example, this one is introduction, the next will be Gay/Lesbian). Then, I would ask for real life experiences with the sexuality or gender. I think if people see information, straight from the source, it is definitely easier to understand.

One thing before we get started, I don't want anyone saying that they know someone like that and then…

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 25 July 2020

"I'm Questioning My Sexuality, Is There A Term For..." (Part 2)

This is part two of three in a masterpost for people questioning their orientation. This part will cover ace-spec identities. I will also, go more in depth into identifying whether you're ace-spec or not.

Part 1

Part 3

  • 1 What is Sexual Attraction
    • 1.1 Potential Signs of Being Ace-Spec
  • 2 Ace-Spec Identities 
    • 2.1 More Ace-Spec Terms
  • 3 Words To Describe Your Feelings Towards Sex
    • 3.1 I Don’t Like Sex
    • 3.2 No Strong Opinion
    • 3.3 I Have a Sex Drive
    • 3.4 I Like the Idea of Sex
    • 3.5 It’s Complicated
  • 4 FAQ

Sexual attraction is the desire to have sex with a specific person. Sexual attraction has nothing to do with sex drive/libido. Some (but not all) asexual people have a sex drive, however this is only the desire for sex in general. They do not have the desire to have sex with …

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 23 July 2020

"I'm Questioning My Sexuality, Is There A Term For..." (Part 1)

This is part one of three posts for people who are questioning their sexuality. This serves as a masterpost for a large amount of sexualities, orginized mostly based on the gender(s) you're attracted to. (Parts 2 and 3 will cover a-spec identities.)

A note before we start: Instead of writing out "women and women-aligned people" and "men and men-aligned people" a thousand times I wrote "women*" and "men*" in all instances to show that non-binary people are include in all these definitions unless explicitly specified otherwise.

Also note that some terms say "(exclusive or not)" in this case it means that someone with that identity is definitely attracted to a certain gender(s), but they may or may not be attracted to other genders as well (wha…

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Raventheblonde Raventheblonde 22 July 2020

Kind of Calling Myself Out

I'm not really sure why I'm doing this, but I've been internalizing this a lot and I felt if I put it out there that I could maybe find some peace within myself about it.

Since I don't want this blog post to be too long, I'll just state it: I feel uncomfortable under any label. Reason? I'm not really sure. I started with bisexual in 2018, then queer, then lesbian, and now? I guess I consider myself a sapphic? But I also explored this wiki today and found Agatic ("a woman, or feminine aligned person, who is wlw and wlnb, meaning a woman who is attracted to women and to non-binary people, and/or a woman who prioritizes her attraction to women and non-binary people over other attractions she may have.")

Which, yeah, I feel like that fits me? Bu…

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Paiige1 Paiige1 26 June 2020

MOGAI Discourse; a critical analysis.

MOGAI is an all-inclusive acronym for the LGBT+ community standing for Marginalized Orientations, Genders and Intersex. This acronym has a lot of controversy, and is targetted with many accusations of being a community of people turning the queer community into a 'trend'. Here we will be doing a critical analysis of the acronym, and whether or not it is helpful.

  • 1 Glossary
  • 2 Arguments for the MOGAI Acronym
    • 2.1 Less clunky
    • 2.2 All inclusive
    • 2.3 Validates obscure identities
  • 3 Arguments Against the MOGAI Acronym
    • 3.1 Coining "unnecessary" labels
    • 3.2 Allows cishets into the community
    • 3.3 Glorification of mental illness
  • 4 Discussion
    • 4.1 "Allowing cishets into the community"
    • 4.2 Micro-labels
    • 4.3 Glorification of mental illness
  • 5 Conclusion
  • 6 Resources

  • MOGAI - Marginalized Orienta…

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Paiige1 Paiige1 17 June 2020

The Desistance Myth

  • 1 The Desistance Myth
  • 2 Steensma
    • 2.1 Flaws in the methodology of the study
      • 2.1.1 Baseless assumptions
    • 2.2 Many of the children surveyed did not meet the criteria for gender dysphoria
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 Glossary
  • 5 Resources

The desistance argument is a common narrative used in attempt to oppose any form of medical or social transition. One of the most cited studies is the Steensma study of 2013.

Steensma surveyed 127 adolescents, of which 80 participants ‘desisted’ in their gender dysphoria (62.99%) 

This study suffers from several methodological flaws making this study very unreliable.

"As the Amsterdam clinic is the only gender identity service in the Netherlands where psychological and medical treatment is offered to adolescents with GD, we assumed that for th…

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 12 June 2020

View on Gender, Non-Outherine, and Coining a New Term

Over a year ago I made a post describing my view on gender. I didn't particularly like the way I visualized it, but I couldn't think of anything better. Well, now I've thought of something better. Admittedly, it's more complicated than the version I presented before, but I feel like this version more actually describes gendered expirences.

This view of gender takes the form of a triangluar pyramid. The top face has three points, each point representing masculinity, feminine, and neutrality/epicenity. In this case, neutrality is defined as a gender which is not related to masculinity, and feminity in any way, but is still strongly gendered in a way that still typically falls into the understanding human genders. They are genders that would b…

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 3 June 2020

A Very Special Milestone

Today we've reached two major milestones. 
First, we've reached 800 pages of this wiki! It's crazy how fast this wiki is growing. It feels like we only just reached 700 pages. Also, fun fact, since this wiki is almost exactly two years old, it averages out to just a little bit over one page added per day.
Second thing (and the thing I will be talking about for the rest of this post): we've just achieved one article starting with each letter of the alphabet!
Now, you might be thinking "there's only 26 letters, how does it take 800 pages to get one for each letter?" Well, that's actually a bit of a story, which I will tell to you now.

I think it was around 400 articles when I first got the idea of one article per letter of the alphabet. When you…

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FangirlingForever FangirlingForever 22 May 2020

pride edits

Hi folks, I'm a student with an interest in graphic design, and I wondered if anyone would be interested in me creating them LGBTQ+ edits - completely for free. Sorry, that sounds weird. What I'm saying is, I love making edits, aesthetics and collages, and since I'm currently quarantined due to COVID-19, I wondered if anyone would like me to create them something. I had the idea, since it's Pride Month really soon, so I wondered if anyone had any requests! Feel free to ask. :)

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Osteophage Osteophage 21 February 2020

Contradictory Information on SAM Page

Currently, the page for Split Attraction Model displays contradictory information in the History subsection:

  • "It wasn't until 2005 that the modern form of the SAM was created on AVEN."
  • "In 2015, a new criticism emerged among anti-ace bloggers: conflating the concepts of multiple orientation labeling, attraction subtyping, and universalizing language by sloppily grouping all three together as 'the split attraction model'."

It can't have been created both in 2005 and in 2015. More sources point toward 2015 as the origin point of the term, as explained in this revision.

Although early 2000s AVEN is relevant, this section needs to be revised for clarity and consistency.

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 23 November 2019

Negative Comments Poll Results

A month ago I set up a poll regarding how we should treat people who leave comments that are not outright hate speech but are still queerphobic. Here are the results of that poll:

As you can see the "delete comment and (temporaily) block the user" option is the clear winner. With that my process will be the following:

  • Any existing negetive comments will be deleted. The users will not be blocked (since many of these are from several month ago, sometimes even years). With the exception of comments that have been replied to.
  • Any new negetive comments will be deleted and the user will be banned for one week (or longer if it's a repeated offence). 

I have also made a community guidelines page. It's fairly short now as I think everything should be …

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 21 October 2019

Regarding Negative Comments

By far the most common reason people are blocked here is because of hate speech, however there are also a sizable amount of comments that are something along the lines of "this is stupid lol". I've been wondering what do to about these sorts of comments for awhile now, because the people who make these comments are very clearly homophobic/transphobic and would not be willing to listen to any attempts to explain. However, it seems seems like an overreaction to block someone over a minor comment like this. But at the same time I'm sure most people who use this wiki for it's intended purpose would rather not see these comments.  The poll is closed, here are the results:

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 15 September 2019

The Misunderstanding Behind The Term Atrinary

In my last blog post I mentioned now I don't think atrinary is a useful term, because it currently does have any agreed upon meaning. In this post I want to dissect what I think the intended meaning on atrinary was. But first, before I get into the meat of the article I want to address a couple of points about atrinary first.

1) Atrinary is for culture specific idenities and for neurodivergent people who do not/cannot understand gender in the "standard" way. I actually like this definition of atrinary. However, it's very clear that not everyone argees with this definition of atrinary. Clearly there is another definition that a sizable amount of people argee with, and that is what I will be discussing.

2) Atrinary isn't synonymous with xenogen…

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Chaoticcylinder Chaoticcylinder 15 September 2019

My View Of Gender

I've decided to try and get into writing blog posts, so I figured the best place to start is to explain how I view gender, after writing several dozen articles about different genders on this wikia. I think this topic is best explained with a visual:

Now, obviously in actuality this would be a fluent gradient, but I used boxes here so I can easily point out specific things.

On the top is the "categories" of gender, and on the side is the amount of gender felt. Obviously muligender people would fall on multiple places on this chart at once, and genderfluid people would move throughout the chart, but for now I'm going to talk about the genders one at a time.

Firstly, I want to talk about the first and third columns, the "feminine" and "masculin…

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