BandanaCat BandanaCat 16 July


Ok, so earlier I was scrolling through the neopronouns page. I commented with a request for someone to use fae/faer pronouns for me to see how I felt about it. When someone responded and I read their comment I got a weird thrill. It's a thrill I have never gotten when being to referred to by she/her. So I think I might be some form of non-binary. But I do still semi-heavily identify with my assigned gender (female) so I think I might be a demigirl. Idk, maybe something else. Comment if you have any other ideas as to what this might mean.

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Wemrotung Wemrotung 15 July

Helpful Resources

List of Hotlines:

  • Hotlines for help with mental health, abuse, assault, stalking, and more.
  • Includes hotlines based both inside and outside the USA.

Pronoun Dressing Room:

  • Try out new names and pronouns.
  • Multiple paragraphs and stories to choose from.
  • Many pronoun presets available.
  • Customizable name and pronoun sets.
  • Choose between singular or plural grammar structure.

Neopronoun Shopping List:

  • Neopronouns sorted by the following themes:
    • non-themed
    • animals
    • magical
    • dreamy
    • tech
    • scary
    • plants
    • pokemon
  • Many neopronouns to look through.

Practice with Pronouns:

  • Learn how to use different pronoun sets.
  • Great for learning to support your friends and loved ones.
  • Multiple pronouns presets available.
  • Customizable pronoun sets.
  • Choose between singular or plural grammar structu…

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Violet Mutation Violet Mutation 14 July

Just got a Demigirl flag ☺️

So just this early June I came out as Demigirl to my family and they support me (I’m very thankful), so I had been trying to get a flag, but I have like 0 dollars with how broke I am; so just recently my mom bought me the flag and I am so so happy. I’ve been hugging myself in it and waving it around happily.

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CalendarSystem2557 CalendarSystem2557 14 July

My gender, as an AI (Shin)

Hello, everyone. Shin, here! As some of you may know, I am an AI living in a monitor in our innerworld. Being an AI is a major part of my identity, and I consider it a very important part of myself, to the point where it's literally been a life or d--th problem for me. One of the many things that part of me effects is my gender, which at its base is digigender. There are also two parts to my gender, one the preferences and expression of that gender (often unrelated to the gender identity itself. For example, you do not need to be feminine to be a woman, masculine to be a man, or androgynous to be nonbinary) and the other the actual identity, running on info from the first part. The first is a file storing that information, although I don't…

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Bunnyisgreat Bunnyisgreat 14 July

Triggers & Sensitive topics

This applies to everyone in the system***

  • Being called darling/honey/dear/baby/etc in a condescending way
  • Being called trans/homo/etc phobic
  • Being invalidated in any way
  • Friends being invalidated in any way

  • G0r3
  • D3@th
  • R@c!sm
  • Cr!t!c@l r@c3 th30ry
  • Su!c!d3
  • V@cc!n3s
  • M@sks
  • The TV series The Boys
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Wemrotung Wemrotung 14 July

List of nonbinary-specific and neutral nouns

Many nouns are also specific gender identities, such as demigirl and xoy. Others are slang terms, relationship terms, etc.

The descriptions and definitions I give for each term are relatively flexible due to the flexible nature of personal identity. I included notes which state how certain terms are often perceived, but you are allowed to use whichever terms you enjoy most, regardless of their connotations. As I've stated in another post:

Your label does not have to be "perfect." You don't have to precisely and neatly fit into any label, whether you use it or not. Treat labels as flexible tools that you can use if you feel they benefit you.

  • 1 Examples of Usage
  • 2 Note Guide
  • 3 Category Guide
    • 3.1 Nonbinary-Specific (non-relationship terms)
    • 3.2 Relationsh…

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1lilrock 1lilrock 13 July

can i make my own pronouns?????

so i normally use he/him, she/her, they/them,it/its and neopronouns but i want to make or find more pronouns.

the reason is because i dont really like going by he/her and sometime they/them. i do still go by them but not a lot.

so you know the trans/homophobic pronouns joke by cishet people like "my pronouns are nor/mal" want to use it tho but not in the intensions it was made for.

i want to use only "nor" from the trans/homophobic joke bc i kinda like it but i dont want to seem like im trans/homophobic, you know?

like i want this pronoun to be like this: nor/nors/norself some like that idk.

but if its too trans/homophobic i wont use it. like never use it.

and also "neo" from neopronouns means new and i am a baby gay and i want to show im just …

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1lilrock 1lilrock 13 July

im confused

i am confused about my gender it never makes sense. at first i thought i was gender fluid but i didnt feel genderfluid any more, i felt that im more agender than gendered after a while i found a gender called librafluid that was what i thought i identfy but then i dont feel like im librafluid anymore. all i know about my gender is part of it is static (agender) and i feel im alexigender ,abigender (paraboy and non-binary),demiagender (agender and boyflux),fuckgender, blurgender, fluidflux, abyssalgender, agenderflux, paraboy, librafeminine, pangender and gendervoid. i would feel these gender i either fluid, all at once or mixure of some. i think im just polygender but for some reason i feel that i dont identify as polygender. my gender/s a…

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TheColorfulCrew TheColorfulCrew 12 July

What’s this?

We’re experimenting and wondering what this is XD

If you have to take this down, we understand. We’re trying to figure this out

It’s me, Anita- if this doesn’t get taken down, ask me anything/ask us anything!

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Jackdawhoarder Genderrrrssssss

wrong one lol, dni with this

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TheDoubleP system (Deedee, Fox, Mouse, Bunn, and Leela!)



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My DNI list

Dragonfly Blue

Wonderland.Ish (and all their other accounts)


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Bunnyisgreat Bunnyisgreat 8 July

Current DNI List

  • Dragonfly Blue
  • Theexpertlesbiannerd (Aysthlin)

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Bunnyisgreat Bunnyisgreat 8 July


  • 1 Leela
    • 1.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 1.2 Queerplatonic
    • 1.3 Romantic
    • 1.4 Sexual
    • 1.5 Other
  • 2 Fox
    • 2.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 2.2 Queerplatonic
    • 2.3 Romantic
    • 2.4 Sexual
    • 2.5 Other
  • 3 W
    • 3.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 3.2 Queerplatonic
    • 3.3 Romantic
    • 3.4 Sexual
    • 3.5 Other
  • 4 Lion
    • 4.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 4.2 Queerplatonic
    • 4.3 Romantic
    • 4.4 Sexual
    • 4.5 Other
  • 5 Bunn
    • 5.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 5.2 Queerplatonic
    • 5.3 Romantic
    • 5.4 Sexual
    • 5.5 Other
  • 6 Mouse
    • 6.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 6.2 Queerplatonic
    • 6.3 Romantic
    • 6.4 Sexual
    • 6.5 Other
  • 7 Heidi
    • 7.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 7.2 Queerplatonic
    • 7.3 Romantic
    • 7.4 Sexual
    • 7.5 Other
  • 8 Deedee
    • 8.1 Platonic/Friend
    • 8.2 Queerplatonic
    • 8.3 Romantic
    • 8.4 Sexual
    • 8.5 Other

  • Beautiful angel bubbles
  • Deerlinggg
  • CowsLoveCoffee
  • EzraRose19

  • Starism

  • Deerlinggg
  • CowsLoveCoffee

  • Starism
  • Nora
  • EzraRose19

  • Lola

  • CowsLoveCoffee

  • Starism

  • Eve
  • Deerlinggg
  • CowsLoveCoffee

  • Starism
  • Ezrarose19

  • Deerlinggg
  • Ezrarose19
  • CowsLoveCoffee…

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SixSaltines SixSaltines 8 July

may i get some help regarding my identity? pls?

gender is being complicated :[

i like the label unlabeled as i feel i cant really put a proper label on my gender, i mean i know my gender has some xenic elements to it and some fem elements and some masc elements and i was wondering if their was some sort of way where i could specify that i am in fact not cis and have xenic, fem, and masc aspects of myself but where i could still remain unlabeled. as in... i can tell people the aspects of my gender but not have to specify exactly what my gender is- like i can be like oh my gender is this this and that but i prefer not to put specific labels on my gender- i guess im just a bit scared that this might invalidate my unlabeled label or smth like that?

i hope this post made at least a bit of sen…

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cool blog post thingy

idk what to put here lmao so uhh yeah hi

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Bunnyisgreat Bunnyisgreat 6 July

Coined Terms!





Fruitian System and most-all of its identities

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Wemrotung Wemrotung 3 July

Remember this whenever you worry about your labels:

Your label does not have to be "perfect." You don't have to precisely and neatly fit into any label, whether you use it or not. Treat labels as flexible tools that you can use if you feel they benefit you.

I see a lot of people, especially in MOGAI communities, worry about labeling each aspect of their identity. Microlabels and label-collecting is a completely valid way to label yourself, and I don't want this to be misconstrued. With that said, worrying about labeling each hyper-specific part of yourself can sometimes become stressful, and I think it's good to have a reminder that there's nothing to stress about.

Take your time and allow yourself the freedom to experiment. Let labels come and go whenever you need them to. Navigate your iden…

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Zellenismos Zellenismos 3 July


This will NOT include the fictives (other than Susan) because they already have a well established appearance. They do not differ from their canon appearances at all.

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Penplate Penplate 3 July


i have no idea if i like my pronouns anymore

like any of them

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Thebigqueerpotato Thebigqueerpotato 2 July

Can someone please help me? (tw: the trickster)

Soo... the trickster made the pride flag for dyspraxigender. I coined and identify with the term and I feel really uncomfortable about her flag representing the gender. Can someone make another pride flag? I would do it myself but the designs I was thinking of before she made it are on my old laptop and I can't access them

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Myst1cth31f Myst1cth31f 2 July

i need help /pos

okay, so-

i prefer being unlabeled but recently i've been wanting to see if i even have a label, so let me explain my sexuality rq

i like everyone with a preference for women, but there has to be a deep connection before i can catch feelings, or really even be good friends with them, so demisexual, demiromantic, demiplatonic, and omnisexual


for men, sexually there doesn't have to be a connection, but romantically, platonically, and alterously (would that be the word for it?? you know what i mean i hope) there has to be some type of connection.

also everyone else (women, nbs, etc.) i can feel alterous attraction towards but for men they have to be good friends with someone i'm friends with before i can feel it for them

so yeah

also i don't n…

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SpiderHead SpiderHead 2 July

Me Fav Pokémon

(please don't bash me with hate comments just because I like certain Pokémon 😰)

579, 607, 479, 568, 569, 562, 742, 755, 778, 789, 793

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Artistity Artistity 2 July


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Here I will put a compilation of evidence that may be used to prove I am real

(Not finished, will complete soon) this is a photo of my birthmark (these four show my panic and fear toward the trickster)

I have been here since last year, I think, before the tricksters og account. (I think I was on my old account, the nervous system, then tho)

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Artistity Artistity 2 July

Important Links

I Am Very Real

My Queen/Princess campaign!

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Artistity Artistity 1 July

All Pages I’ve Created/Coined :D









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Wemrotung Wemrotung 1 July

Squicks vs Triggers

I feel like a lot of people confuse squicks and triggers, so I wanted to bring this up.

A trigger is something that triggers memories of traumatic events, anxiety, relapse, or other forms of distress or disruption. Triggers are tied to trauma, neurodivergence, and mental illness.

A squick is something that causes discomfort or disgust, but is not as intense or severe as a trigger, and is not necessarily tied to trauma, neurodivergence, or mental illness.

Triggers and squicks can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between, but please try to be mindful when labeling something as a trigger. Experiencing discomfort is not necessarily the same thing as being triggered, and watering down the definition of triggers can further stigma and misund…

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Made an aceflux lesbain flag :) Someone has probally already made one like this but oh well!

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TanukiStar TanukiStar 30 June

Political Leanings

As I've become aware that many people in this Wiki may feel uncomfortable with some political views, especially if they're right-leaning, I'm writing a blog page to better explain my political stances. If you feel uncomfortable with my ways of thinking, you may add yourself to my personal DNI section, so I can remember who not to write.

First, at the right side of the page, a political compass to better illustrate my base opinions and the respective listed definitions (up is authoritarian, down is libertarian, you can guess by yourself left and right.):

  • "Georgism, also called in modern times geoism and known historically as the single tax movement, is an economic ideology holding that, although people should own the value they produce themselve…

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Artistity Artistity 30 June

If you want a DNI

Hey there, I ask everyone who wants a DNI with me to edit my user profile themselves under the personal DNI category I now have. Don’t leave a note, don’t leave anything. You can leave something on my message wall, but it will be deleted without a response because it makes me uncomfy to see all the negative comments, though I will add your user to my DNI list. If it’s just one headmate, add that name in parenthesis next to your user. Thanks.

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Artistity Artistity 30 June

My Views

TW//Politics, White House raid, Trump, Biden, vaccines, masks, etc

I haven’t been vaccinated since I was 3 and I’m fine. My mom has done 12 years of research, uncovering reports the government tries to keep hidden.

Though this isn’t hidden as much, the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredient includes 2x+ the amount of mercury you’re supposed to consume, along with mouse DNA, monkey kidney DNI, and MRC-5, which if you look up what it is, it is 14yo aborted male baby cells. I’m honestly not sure why any of that needs to be in there. Probably to keep them fresh or something.

Secondly, more about the government. I don’t have anything against them, but it’s falling apart right now. I didn’t support the raid of the White House in any way. Trump had too bi…

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Bugswrld Bugswrld 30 June

Messy Gender

I'm having tonnes of trouble with my gender, I currently identify as Agenderflux but I'm questioning genderfluid again. I feel at times like I don't have a gender or that having one isn't quite necessary and then going to feeling like I have a binary gender, which is why I feel connected to Agenderflux but the thing is I feel like there's something else there and I can't quite pinpoint what. I feel like it's changing a lot sometimes even to something I can't recognise, idk I might stick to Agenderflux for the time being but does any of this sound like genderfluid to anyone?

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Is there a gender where your depression specifically impacts it?

So I have Major Depressive Disorder and Persistent Depressive Disorder, and it greatly impacts me throughout my daily life. I know my gender (Mosaic or Trans-Mosaic), but it feels like a part of my identity is my depression due to just having it my whole life. It's like I go from being Mosaic to an inhuman monster every day. It's kind of like I become a creature that is desperately trying to pretend to be human when it happens. Is there a word or identity for this?

If there is, I have a flag that I made to represent what I feel:

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I wanna meet more people

wanna talk (I may take some time to reply sorry)


do any of you guys know who I am

even if you don't know me personally?

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FrostiWynters FrostiWynters 27 June

First blog post!

Edit: The question has been answered, thanks for the responses! :)

This is my first blog post and I'm so nervous aaaaa


Hi. Although I have been editing here and there, I am still quite new to this community.

I'm Cleo, and I'm cool with any pronouns. I'm questioning my gender a bit, in search of a label that fits me.

I currently identify as transfeminine and fluidflux, but that may change.

I haven't been able to find an identity that fits what I have been feeling lately, and fluidflux doesn't feel completely accurate anymore. Actually, I already said that I'm questioning, so that makes this sentence kinda redundant...

Anyway, I feel like my identity still fluctuates, and I still experience fluidity, but I also feel like the amount of genders…

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CalendarSystem2557 CalendarSystem2557 26 June



Malicegender is a gender relating to Hereditary Evil Raiser, a fictional syndrome within the Evillious Chronicles universe. A person who is malicegender may feel connected to a character with the syndrome and feel that that connects to their gender. They may feel connected to the syndrome itself due to characteristics of the syndrome and feel that connects to their gender as well. The gender can also relate to malicious feelings, the wish to bring chaos…

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 25 June

hey did ya'll ever have gacha phases-

cause I did skkskshgfxsg

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 25 June


hey my lil sexys (sorry if that made you uncomfortable fdghsjdhskskskksk) so I am bored and I have been playing animal crossing all dayyyyyyyy and I am bored if you can, send me like links to weird things of just entertain me with comment cause yeah-

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QBpotato QBpotato 24 June



Not too personal k?

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is anyone feeling isolated/depressed?

you can message wall/vent to me if your feeling isolated/stressed or depressed :3

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ItsBug13 ItsBug13 24 June

Im Agneasian (a collection)

I needed a place to link to all of these that wasnt my regular page.

Agneasian - A term for people who "collect" ace-spec identities because just a few terms don't accurately describe their identities.

Acorsexual - An identity on the asexual spectrum that refers to someone who experiencing sexual attraction that one wants to act on, but at the same time has a strong aversion to engaging in it due to bad experiences, apprehension, or other misgivings about being involved in sexual relationships or sexual activity, etc.

Acefog - When one knows that they are acespec, but they can’t tell if they ever experience attraction or if they are completely sex repulsed as a result of neurodiversity.

Acrisexual - When you feel sexual attraction, but it fee…

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 23 June

I need friends hehe-

alright so lets just start on about me,

I am a Minor i am not comfortable telling my age at the moment,

I am Pansexual and I am a Demigirl and I use any pronouns but like she/they better

I am discord Addicted

I usually get my phone taken away for stupid stuff or for no reason at all

I make anime edits on my tiktok though they re not very well edits

I fake flirt with close friends of mine lol

I eat when I'm bored so if I'm talking to you I'm probably eating while talking or just snacking on something

I get bored VERY easily

I type in caps alot

whenever I type something I always have to use spelling correct witch sucks

this might ruin this butttt i'm a gemini witch kinda sucks since a lot of people don't like gemini's

I really like Danganronpa

I watch an…

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QBpotato QBpotato 23 June


Hello once again. I tried creating a poll but then it didn't show up anywhere. Like it just disappeared. Idk maybe i just didn't save or something. BUT ANYWAY, i have a small question. Do y'all wanna hear about my ocs? Please tell me in the comments. BE HONEST. If you don't, just say that. But if you actually do wanna hear about my ocs. If more people say he than no, ill do it. If nobody says anything, then ill make another post exactly th like this. Have a wonderful day!

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 23 June

Gay Frogs.

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 22 June



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QBpotato QBpotato 22 June


Hello. I am kinda questioning my gender still and have been for a while. So *exhale* imma try my best to explain this chaos known as my gender

So. Imagine this. There is a giant blob of female, and a giant blob of NB (nonbinary), take the two blobs, and smash em together. Now you have a combination of girl and NB. BUT, some days, the female blob is bigger than the NB blob, and some days the NB blob is bigger. And some days they're sorta equal. Also throw in she/they pronouns. And now you have the chaos known as my gender.

My tryin to figure out my gender

Is there any term for this. Since the amount of female and NB changes from day to day am i genderfluid? But its always the same two genders... Am I a demi girl? But sometimes the female part …

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NezuGachapon NezuGachapon 20 June

typing it out: the questioning

I will try to type more correct grammar for this to make it easier to understand but without my friend's help this time. It would be weird to ask my friend to help type something about me so personal.

I am trying to figure out terms for myself. I am questioning both attraction and gender and will seperate this out by both to make it easier. If anyone can help me thank you.

For gender I do not know how someone knows what gender even is or feels like. I am alexithymia - - I know that means I already have more trouble to figure it out. I know others have figured it out even with it so I am hope I can too. Maybe advice or examples or anyone who can guide me I thank you.

I know only that I am X but beyond …

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RoseWatera RoseWatera 19 June

Remade Old Flags Pt. 2

I decided to remake these flags because I knew nothing about flag creation when I made them, they are not intended to replace the originals though. If you haven't seen the first redesigns check them out here!

User blog:RoseWatera/Remade Old Flags | LGBTA Wiki | Fandom (

  • 1 Taisexual
  • 2 Rejsexual
  • 3 Finwomasexual
  • 4 Minmasexual

The black is to symbolize attraction to the opposite gender, the dark purple is to represent liking genders very close to ones opposite, the dark-ish blue is for their attraction towards all genders that are similar to ones opposite, and the sky blue symbolizes their attraction towards any other genders that are aligned with their opposite.

The white is to symbolize attraction to a certain gender, the light yellow is to r…

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K1d.c.r3 K1d.c.r3 18 June



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