Griffinzing Griffinzing 14 September

just me trying to explain my sexuality

I like both girls and boys but like... i feel a lot more atracted to girls and i don´t really care about my atraction for boys (like- i don´t think i´ll ever date or ´´do it´´ whit a guy, so i don´t care)

If i was to date someone, i would 100% chose to date a girl. I would only date a guy if i was really, really, REALLY atracted.

I don´t think much about nb people. I just don´t feel anything about them (sorry if that sounded disrespectfull). I can´t really imagine myself dating a non-binary person, but if they´re cool and we´re both intrested, i guess i would.

I think i´m bi, but i don´t like refering to myself as a bissexual.


my english suks lmao

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RavenFire803 RavenFire803 13 September

To-Do and How To Help

Hi! Right now I’m working on a bit of an experiment with blogs, so please be patient haha.

I thought I should make a list of notes from mods, thinks to keep in mind when posting/ editing and how to help out for wiki contributors. I hope this helps someone.

  • 1 To-Do
  • 2 Thinks To Keep In Mind
    • 2.1 When Posting
    • 2.2 When Editing
    • 2.3 When Coining New Terms
  • 3 Finding New Mods
    • 3.1 9/13/21

Here’s a list of projects the mods have been working on

-Missing Section Categories

  • Sorting pages that are missing flags, history sections, resource section and resource verification into the specific categories (Flagless Identities, Pages With No History Section, Pages Without Resources, Needs Resource Verification)

-Resource Verification

  • Making sure the resources and history of a te…

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.forestofmushrooms. .forestofmushrooms. 9 September

headmates maybe??

ok ok so here is a list of some of our (supposed) headmates and their info.

Name: Alice

Age: Age-slider I think

Sexuality: Omni I think?

Species: Demi-Dog

Source Talk?: Doesn't really have a source I think?

Role: Protector, Gatekeeper

Name: ????

Age: Syskid - [REDATCED]

Sexuality: Bi

Species: Demi-Dog

Source Talk?: Doesn't have a source

Role: Middle, Soother

Name: Aphrodite

Age: N/A

Sexuality: ????

Species: Deity

Source Talk?: Depends

Role: Protector, Introject

Name: ??? (cant decide a name lol)

Age: N/A (not comfy sharing)

Sexuality: Abrosexual, Acrisexual and Lithoromantic

Species: Therian/Otherkin

Source Talk: Doesn't have a source

Role: Core, Host

Name: ????

Age: N/A

Species: Monster thing (idk)

Source Talk: Doesn't have a source I think???

Role: ???

Name: Buzz Light…

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SereiSys SereiSys 7 September

pk templates

✧ ̊ ˖ 𐃆 𓂃 ˖ ˙ ⊹ ˚ ˳ ॱ ˖ ̊ ੭ name

╭┄┄┄┄┄┄ · · · emoji 。゚・。゚・

┊ ❑. :: nicknames

┊ ✧. :: age

┊ ✦. :: pronouns

┊ ❑. :: honorifics(mr., ms., mx., etc.)

┊ ✧. :: id

┊ ✦. :: species

┊ ╰── ✧ ˚ · .𐃆 : ̗̀➛ other

╰┄┄┄┄┄┄┄꒰ emoji ꒱₊˚・。゚・

» [theme song](link) «

0:40 ─〇───── 3:50

⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻

╭┄┄┄┄┄┄ · · · emoji 。゚・。゚・

┊ ❑. :: roles

┊ ✧. :: subsystem/layer/etc

┊ ✦. :: introject/original

┊ ╰── ✧ ˚ · .𐃆 : ̗̀➛ source

╰┄┄┄┄┄┄┄꒰ emoji ꒱₊˚・。゚・

╭┄┄┄┄┄┄ · · · emoji 。゚・。゚・

┊ :heavy_check_mark:. :: things that are ok

┊ :heavy_multiplication_x:. :: things that are not ok

┊ ╰── ✧ ˚ · .𐃆 : ̗̀➛ notes/other

╰┄┄┄┄┄┄┄꒰ emoji ꒱₊˚・。゚・


  ⤷ 𐐪 Name ☆°。

・┈┈┈・⊱ :d91: ⊰・┈┈┈・

  ⤷ Age┊

  ⤷ Pronouns┊

  ⤷ ID┊

・┈┈┈・⊱:dove: ⊰・┈┈┈・

  ⤷ Role(s)┊

  ⤷ Species┊

  ⤷ Source┊

・┈┈┈・⊱ :d91: ⊰・┈┈┈・

  ⤷ PDA┊

  ⤷ Petnam…

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PegasusIsSus PegasusIsSus 6 September


  • 1 Do not interact with me, period
  • 2 Preferably do not interact with me
  • 3 Used my vote button
  • 4 Do not interact with them, period
  • 5 Preferably do not interact with them

  • Alesjif: Used to troll.
  • JustaNameSnipe: Started multiple arguments with me over the topic of triggering CAPS lock, as well as previous things they’ve gotten warnings for as seen on their wall.
  • User:StarGachaMallory: Seeming a bit off, such as wording of comments, overall giving a weird vibe.

  • Owaowa2: Interaction is alright, just a bit uncomfy with lack of TWs & CWs. Not crediting original artists or editing art without permission.
  • Its-toxiqq, entire system: Uncomfy with lack of TWs and CWs and use of CAPS lock.

  • No one yet!

  • No one yet!

  • No one yet!
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Elderflowerjuice Elderflowerjuice 5 September

PLS READ! its kinda important

so basically someone decided to steal flags and i'm here to do what i do best. trying to spread that fact like wildfire. they also went ahead and did 7stripe versions as well.... which is pretty much ripping off my 7 stripe lesbian flags which can be found here


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1lilrock 1lilrock 3 September

Gender update

When I first question about my gender I was very confused and a bit stressed.

I don’t quite know what it is so far but this it what I got so far





and maybe blurgender and scribblegender

So I identify as multigender

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 2 September

I Need Help (Ayuda)

I am currently working on a Spanish speaking LGBT+ wiki that was abandoned years ago. Some of the terminology is outdated and many links are either empty or broken, so I'd deeply appreciate it if anyone who's proficient in Spanish could help me out fixing it or adding terminology. If you are interested, here's the link:

  • You'd be one of the first to join, therefore you'd make the rules with me as a team. This means you can do things in that wiki that you can't do here.
  • You'd be supporting the broader Hispanic LGBT+ community, which is underrepresented in internet circles.
  • If you are learning Spanish, or your Spanish is getting rusty, this is a great opportunity to practice.
  • You can become an admin, as long as you he…

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L2 A Six L2 A Six 30 August

exaggeration of gender

yep, i am exaggerating my gender

i just feel like i am so many genders that it's just so... so... me that no one else is what i feel

and then i found a new term i can compile all of them in


yet i don't know either if i should compile all my genders in that term or just keep them there

it's so fucking confusing

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.forestofmushrooms. .forestofmushrooms. 29 August

alterhuman identities!

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Zhaorin Zhaorin 26 August

Why I Don't Use BIPOC

  • 1 It fails to differentiate other racial/ethnic minority groups.
  • 2 It generalises oppression, disregarding circumstance.
  • 3 It generalises the experiences of Black and Indigenous people.
  • 4 It ignores the history of the term POC.
  • 5 It leaves room for an “us vs them” mentality.
  • 6 It downplays Asian struggles during a time of need.
  • 7 So when is the proper time to use BIPOC?
  • 8 When shouldn't someone use BIPOC?
  • 9 Examples

The term BIPOC separates Black and Indigenous peoples from other marginalised races/ethnicities, and for an understandable reason. Right now, in North America, these two groups are facing enormous obstacles that others are not. Making that distinction is reasonable; however, the issue arises when that same distinction is not made for other POC. …

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XxHumanBeanxX XxHumanBeanxX 25 August

i need some help

im attracted to every gender but men what am i pls lmk!!

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.forestofmushrooms. .forestofmushrooms. 25 August

list of my genders!






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NyxIsSus NyxIsSus 25 August


  • 1 Do not interact with me, period
  • 2 Preferably do not interact with me
  • 3 Used my vote button
  • 4 Do not interact with them, period
  • 5 Preferably do not interact with them

  • Alesjif: Used to troll.
  • JustaNameSnipe: Started multiple arguments with me over the topic of triggering CAPS lock, as well as previous things they’ve gotten warnings for as seen on their wall.
  • StarGachaMallory: Seeming a bit off, such as wording of comments, overall giving a weird vibe. Update: Underaged.
  • Player100789onRoblox: K!//3d off their system, triggered multiple systems. Guilt tripped when multiple users said to DNI.
  • Ampether: Defended the user above.

  • Owaowa2: Interaction is alright, just a bit uncomfy with lack of TWs & CWs.
  • Its-toxiqq, entire system: Uncomfy with lack of TWs and C…

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Snowflake Shenanigans Snowflake Shenanigans 23 August

Admin and Mod Communication Blog (Only for Admin/Mod Use)

This is intended to be the masterpost/main way of communicating for the moderation team of this wiki. It is not to be used by those without administrator or moderator rights, and will be removed if this is done.

General concerns/topics that need to be discussed will have dates corresponding to them and whether or not they've been addressed/resolved. This will be protected in a way so that mods and admins can edit this blog while those with default user rights cannot.

Here is a list of all administrators and moderators helpfully put together by RavenFire803. If you are a general user, please disregard this post and contact any of us through that.

The moderation team, though relatively large, is seriously lacking in quite a few areas. First off…

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Fyresky Fyresky 22 August

help with gender?

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Paiige1 Paiige1 21 August

Very few people "grow out" of their gender dysphoria - a critical review of the "Steensma" study.

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Misrepresentation
  • 4 Methodological Flaws
  • 5 Adjusting for Methodological Flaws
  • 6 Glossary
  • 7 Resources

  • Many attempts have been made in the past to determine what percentage of transgender people grow out (“desist”) of gender dysphoria. Previous studies have been flawed and usually had a low sample size and a very loose definition of “transgender”. Many people who “desisted” were simply gender non-conforming.
  • The Steensma study (Steensma, et al. 2013) is the strongest study conducted on transgender desistance yet. Its strengths were having a larger sample size (127) than many others, and followed the participants long term.
  • The Steensma study, while better than others, was still incredibly flawed. Its sample size was still not suff…

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Myo89 Myo89 20 August

*this is for now...


(i haven't fixed my pronouns page)

I've figure out my gender!!!(in no particular order though)

  1. genderfluid
  2. genderfloren
  3. transneutral
  4. non-binary
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AlternativeDevotion AlternativeDevotion 19 August


Rockerdog-gender is a xenogender based off the rocker dog Snapchat filter, but also can be used if you have a strong connection to dogs and rockstars or if you like the idea of rockstar dogs.

Rockerdog-gender was made by @ENBYCASSANDRA on Twitter on August 18th, 2021.

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Zhaorin Zhaorin 19 August

Tone Indicators I Use

These are all of the tone indicators that I personally use, and what they mean when I am using them:

  • /gen - genuine: not sarcastic, passive aggressive, rude, etc.
  • /nm - not mad: not angry or upset at whoever I'm speaking to.
  • /nay - not at you: my message isn't directed at you, probably directed at someone you mentioned, or I'm just speaking to myself.
  • /npa - not passive aggressive: this already falls under /gen, but I'll use it if I'm extra worried I might come across passive aggressive.
  • /ot - off topic: doesn't have anything to do with what you said or is related in a very minor way (eg. something I was reminded of).
  • /pos - positive: indicates that there's a positive connotation, or that my message is meant to convey a positive emotion.
  • /neg - negativ…
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Paiige1 Paiige1 18 August

I'm back.

Hi there! I used to be an administrator for this wik on the LGBTA Wiki discord, which I founded with Simon. I abused my power, but regardless of my disdain for those who disagreed with me on the server, I still felt a bit bad for said abuse. I confessed to my change in ideology and promptly left the server. I even stayed around for a few days on an alt account and continued trolling.

What happened to me and where was I?

During my time away from the LGBTA Wiki, I began to spend more time with the individual I was discussing. They began to wither away at my mental health, and I eventually cut contact with them after an argument following them lashing out at me over a bit of a meltdown that I had.

Following cutting contact, my mental health bega…

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SereiSys SereiSys 18 August



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Griffinzing Griffinzing 17 August

Can you create a gender?

I can't really find a label that fits me, so I thought I may create one.

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Griffinzing Griffinzing 17 August

How I think my gender feels like

feels like being a boy but fluffy and soft.

Idk I that makes some sense or if there's a name to it, but whatever.

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Cryptocrew Cryptocrew 17 August

BIPOC page discussion.

This is a page specifically for the discussion of the BIPOC page. Please only respond to this blog if you are BIPOC. You are not welcome in this discussion if you are fully white.

  • 1 How this will work:
  • 2 Formatting
    • 2.1 Description
    • 2.2 LGBTQ+ BIPOC Discrimination
    • 2.3 BIPOC Discrimination
    • 2.4 Appropriation
    • 2.5 LGBTQ+ BIPOC Identities
    • 2.6 LGBTQ+ BIPOC History
    • 2.7 Flags
    • 2.8 References/Resources
  • 3 Important/Must Read

In the comments, you will discuss the topics listed on the format I gave. Each will give input, and, once you feel as though you have a good idea of what that section should say, you would type it out on a comment (decide who types it out beforehand, or all type it out and vote on which comment reads best.) That comment will be copy and pasted, and that …

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NyxIsSus NyxIsSus 17 August

Naming the children

This is where I name the childrens now!

Fill out this form!

Male/Female/Gender neutral/Any (This is required cuz yeah lmao)

Starting letter(s)


Language(s) of origin



Anything else!

I’ll try to get to people within 2 weeks cuz I’m lazy.

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Griffinzing Griffinzing 16 August


I thing I like paw/pawself, ze/zim and fluff/fluffself pronuns but i'm scared to use them because a lotta people say it's harmful to the trans community or just stupid and childish.

And I know I can just say "screw this, I do whatever I want" but I would feel bad for using pronuns that are harmful to the community or knowing that no one is taking me seriously when I tell people to use my pronuns.

Also... I feel like no one would respect me.

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Griffinzing Griffinzing 14 August

Help whit pronuns

Are there any pronums that sound like he/him but are not he/him?

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Sympeq Sympeq 14 August


Is there any term where you love another person but don't want sex?

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Griffinzing Griffinzing 13 August

Is there a name to it?

Is there a gender that feels mostly male mixed whit non-binary but whit a little, tiny bit I female deep down?

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.forestofmushrooms. .forestofmushrooms. 12 August

DNI list 2?

DNI list (im not super active on here anymore but heres some dni things while im online)

Tw for homophobia, transphobia, etc.

  • Mock/Just don't like neopronouns
  • Openly share negative opinions on the dream smp and/or ranboo (it will trigger me, just dont ask.) (only on here)
  • Mock/Just don't like xenogenders
  • Are involved in trans discourse
  • Just homophobic/transphobic and general
  • Are abelist
  • Are involved in xenogender discourse
  • Are in involved in neopronoun discourse
  • -

This list will obv grow, this is just what I think of off the top of my head. But anyways, dni (do not interact) if you/you are/do any of these things!

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BisexualRobyn BisexualRobyn 8 August


Hello! I’m Robyn and I’m a proud lesbian (my user is really old and I can’t change it). I go by all and any pronouns. I enjoy frogs, cows, and guinea pigs. I also enjoy roplaying, art, anime, music, and food. I am closeted lesbian as of right now, but I do hope to make friends with others on here!

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EdenSilentFox EdenSilentFox 8 August

Is there a Nyanbinary article on here?

I see people on here reference to it, but I searched Nyanbinary on here. No articles.

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Owaowa2 Owaowa2 7 August

Random poem

TW// Violence, ch-king(o) mention, e-ting(a) mention. I was joking about choking for some reason, i'm sorry i would never do that.

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CalendarSystem2557 CalendarSystem2557 7 August

our sys's objectum folks

(quick warning for mentions of f-mily and a single mention of d--th in ono's section)

so i've noticed we have a few objectum people in this system and i feel like talking about them for some reason! so uh we've got...

  • shin - shin was the first person in this sys to discover they were objectum. he's in a somewhat unofficial queerplatonic relationship with nico, the entity inhabiting his collection of scarves. we're pretty sure that any time shin gets a new scarf nico chooses to inhabit that new scarf, while still inhabiting the other scarves as well. nico can't actually communicate using words, but they do seem to communicate with shin using somewhat vague feelings, which makes it kinda hard to tell what they want, but shin's been doing prett…
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Nemosexual Nemosexual 7 August

My Label Hoard

Pronoun labels:

neopronouns, pronoun non conforming, Auxiliary Pronouns, Dehuman Pronouns, Pronoun ambivalent, Unipronominal, nullpronomial, apothipronomial

Gender labels:

mutogender, expecgender, pivotgender, condigender, condigirl, condigenderfluid, girlflux, genderflux, librafeminine, faesari, girlprox, genderfluid, fia-spec, custodiogender, atrinary, maverique, non binary, centrgender, demifluid, affectugender, neurogender, lunarian, aurorian, universian, correfluid, enbyprox, aporagender, abinary, isogender, altegender, niaspec, xiaspec, kønflux, adneutral, oiaspec, genderfruct, omnine, pancustodiogender, custodiogirl, custodioxeno, beegender, unigenderfluid, gender-frictive, gender-receptive,

Sexuality labels:

asexual, aromantic, greyroma…

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Ruitethewingedfox5 Ruitethewingedfox5 4 August

the misty wood

warning: contains spoilers for the mission

the misty wood is a forest in the sky kingdom that has mist at night so thick, you can't see your hand in front of your face, it's only known residents are mooneyes and her half-sister, lanterntail, both reside in a cave near the pool of stars

  • 1 landmarks
    • 1.1 the great cliff
    • 1.2 the barrier mountains
    • 1.3 the pool of stars

the great cliff is the only known entrance to the misty wood, it has a sheer 100 foot drop and the only way up or down (besides flying) is a thin staircase that, due to how old it is, has many parts that can tumble off at any second

the barrier mountains are a ring of mountains surrounding the misty wood, they block the wood off from all civilization and reach farther into the sky and any d…

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Ruitethewingedfox5 Ruitethewingedfox5 4 August

protectors of the altar

Warning: contains spoilers for my fanfic, the mission, as well as it's soon-to-come, unnamed sequal

The protectors of the altar are a group of animus dragons from all sorts of tribes who guard an altar that is said (and proven in the mission) to allow dragons to travel through dimensions, but only with special permission-and a good reason-is anyone allowed to use it, since the battle of the crystal maze they have resided deep in the diamond caves, further than anyone has gone before

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Uncertified Funny Uncertified Funny 3 August

“The Little Donkeys” by Hugh Walpole is pretty queer.

  • 1 “The Little Donkeys” by Hugh Walpole gives off very strong lesbian/sapphic vibes
    • 1.1 Characters
    • 1.2 Summary
    • 1.3 Quotes from The Little Donkeys (by gay author Hugh Walpole) that set off my gaydar

You can’t tell me it isn’t gay. You just can’t.

And the author (Hugh Walpole) was gay, so that increases the possibility, in my opinion.

Jane Pope

Alice Menzies

Mr. Hunting

Two women, Jane Pope and Alice Menzies, live in a small town, they’re pretty close. Jane loves Alice a lot more than Alice loves her. Like, a lot. Alice is super flirtatious with men and wants to marry one, Jane doesn’t want to. Alice is really bored with the life she is living, which is why she wants to get married and leave.

Also, there’s these two donkeys named Percy and Emily, who come …

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ThrownawayCoffeeMug ThrownawayCoffeeMug 2 August

I can't find anything on this so I want to ask if anyone does?????

So I've been looking for quite a while now on something that I think almost perfectly fits my identity (Occam's Razor and what not), but I cannot find anything about it. So I'm hoping someone can help me out if they know anything :)

It's related to feeling chaos. Not masculine or feminine, just constantly changing and enveloping chaos. It's kind of like an Outer God like Nyarlethotep, constantly changing in intensity, but always there and incomprehensible to humanity. the best I can find is if you mix together Chaosgender and Cryptidgender.

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Sugar-Pill Deja-Vu Sugar-Pill Deja-Vu 1 August

A Question about a textura-gender

Is there a texturagender based on the feeling of dried tears? I've been looking on here (and tumblr) for a while and found nothing. I even tried looking for ways to coin it myself. Does it already exist? (and if so, can one tell me what its called?) If not, how would one coin the gender?

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Ivan Sallow Ivan Sallow 31 July

My sexual/romatic attraction


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Owaowa2 Owaowa2 30 July



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Stop Misusing Xenic

Please stop misusing Xenic.

Xenic doesn't mean "Has Xenogenders." Theres male-aligned people who arent men at all, and theres Xenic people who arent xenogender.

If you mean Xenogender, use xenogender.

If you mean "Has xeno qualities to the equivalent of Masculine" use Xenine or XIN (xeno in nature).

Xenic means Xeno-aligned. It is an Alignment. Stop saying Xenic aligned, thats superfluous.

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Ruitethewingedfox5 Ruitethewingedfox5 29 July

the mission

warning: this page may contain gore, mentions of death, and other things like that, if you are triggered by any of this, read at your own risk

disclaimer: when asbu calls cole "coal" this is not a typo, since this is in her pov i decided that i should spell his name as the type of rock since asbu wouldn't know any other spelling of it (by the way the names given to wu, lloyd, kai and zane are mostly off the top of my head with a mix of name generators)

  • 1 prolouge
  • 2 part 1: welcome to pyrrtala
    • 2.1 chapter 1
    • 2.2 chapter 2
    • 2.3 chapter 3
    • 2.4 chapter 4
    • 2.5 chapter 5
    • 2.6 chapter 6
    • 2.7 chapter 7
  • 3 part 2: wander
    • 3.1 chapter 8
    • 3.2 chapter 9

"asbu, step forward," said the mysterious, cloaked dragon, this dragon had been the one who had sent all of asbu's predecessors on the…

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Celestialsofia Celestialsofia 26 July

Finally made a background for myself!

I’ve been making lots of flags and backgrounds lately, but I hadn’t made one for myself yet! Just wanted to share this one as it makes me really happy! It is meant to be a subtle sapphic and LGBTQ background, and you are free to use it if you want!

Have a great day/night,

Celestialsofia ♥️

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StariiArts StariiArts 22 July

Making flags

Hii. I am very bored, so I wanted to make some flags! Just tell me what you want it to look like or for what term it’s for and I’ll get started! I’ll try to do as many as I can!

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Celestialsofia Celestialsofia 20 July

Now creating pride flags and backgrounds upon request!!

Hello lovely people! This is already mentioned in my profile, but I figured I’d put it out here again! I will now be making pride flags and backgrounds/wallpapers on request. Things I can make are: alternate pride flags (for an existing identity,) flags for a new term/a term that doesn’t have a flag, and pride-themed wallpapers for whatever device you may have. To get me to make one, just message me or leave a comment with:

The term & short description of the term (if making a flag)

Your notes or preferences

That’s all there is to it! I don’t know how many requests I’ll get, but I’ll have around 2-3 hours to work on this each day. I can probably do 5 or 6 requests at most, so sorry if I can’t get back to you for a few days. I’ll also post an …

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EzraRose19 EzraRose19 20 July


[The original information has been deleted]


- I want to clarify that I have already been banned for 3 months, due to what I wrote.

- I experience impostor syndrome (although that isn’t an excuse), and I really don’t want to keep the previous post up, because I still feel like I’m faking everything. /neg

- All the information that was written before is outdated, and currently incorrect. /srs

- I was not in a good state of mind, since all of my friends here had been temporarily blocked. I wrote this because I though that I also deserved a block.

- I spoke about outgrowing ADHD, because several people had told me that I had, and I genuinely did not know that you can’t outgrow neurodivergence. /g /lu

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