• Osteophage

    Currently, the page for Split Attraction Model displays contradictory information in the History subsection:

    • "It wasn't until 2005 that the modern form of the SAM was created on AVEN."
    • "In 2015, a new criticism emerged among anti-ace bloggers: conflating the concepts of multiple orientation labeling, attraction subtyping, and universalizing language by sloppily grouping all three together as 'the split attraction model'."

    It can't have been created both in 2005 and in 2015. More sources point toward 2015 as the origin point of the term, as explained in this revision.

    Although early 2000s AVEN is relevant, this section needs to be revised for clarity and consistency.

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  • Chaoticcylinder

    A month ago I set up a poll regarding how we should treat people who leave comments that are not outright hate speech but are still queerphobic. Here are the results of that poll:

    As you can see the "delete comment and (temporaily) block the user" option is the clear winner. With that my process will be the following:

    • Any existing negetive comments will be deleted. The users will not be blocked (since many of these are from several month ago, sometimes even years). With the exception of comments that have been replied to.
    • Any new negetive comments will be deleted and the user will be banned for one week (or longer if it's a repeated offence). 

    I have also made a community guidelines page. It's fairly short now as I think everything should be …

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  • Chaoticcylinder

    By far the most common reason people are blocked here is because of hate speech, however there are also a sizable amount of comments that are something along the lines of "this is stupid lol". I've been wondering what do to about these sorts of comments for awhile now, because the people who make these comments are very clearly homophobic/transphobic and would not be willing to listen to any attempts to explain. However, it seems seems like an overreaction to block someone over a minor comment like this. But at the same time I'm sure most people who use this wiki for it's intended purpose would rather not see these comments.  The poll is closed, here are the results:

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  • Chaoticcylinder

    In my last blog post I mentioned now I don't think atrinary is a useful term, because it currently does have any agreed upon meaning. In this post I want to dissect what I think the intended meaning on atrinary was. But first, before I get into the meat of the article I want to address a couple of points about atrinary first.

    1) Atrinary is for culture specific idenities and for neurodivergent people who do not/cannot understand gender in the "standard" way. I actually like this definition of atrinary. However, it's very clear that not everyone argees with this definition of atrinary. Clearly there is another definition that a sizable amount of people argee with, and that is what I will be discussing.

    2) Atrinary isn't synonymous with xenogen…

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  • Chaoticcylinder

    My View Of Gender

    September 15, 2019 by Chaoticcylinder

    I've decided to try and get into writing blog posts, so I figured the best place to start is to explain how I view gender, after writing several dozen articles about different genders on this wikia. I think this topic is best explained with a visual:

    Now, obviously in actuality this would be a fluent gradient, but I used boxes here so I can easily point out specific things.

    On the top is the "categories" of gender, and on the side is the amount of gender felt. Obviously muligender people would fall on multiple places on this chart at once, and genderfluid people would move throughout the chart, but for now I'm going to talk about the genders one at a time.

    Firstly, I want to talk about the first and third columns, the "feminine" and "masculin…

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