TheAshSystem TheAshSystem 6 minutes ago

Help with my sexuality

So um I don't know if anyone else experiences what I do. I've been looking everywhere for it but i just can't find it. Basically my sexuality is like, it takes me a SUPER long time to start to like anyone, due to trauma, but I can like... tell? Who I have the um ability(?) to love in the future? I don't know if I just can't find this and it exists, or if I should just make my own label... Like, I´ve been looking into caedromantic and cupiosexual but those just don´t fit 100% they feel a bit off and I just can´t shake that, I just really need some help -Clara

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Astridsplayhouse Astridsplayhouse 17 hours ago

My Intro

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Traveler & Runner Traveler & Runner 21 hours ago

research purposes (cough i'm writing a story)






Legitimate question I'm paranoid and I wanna know if y'all use like...two sets of pronouns or not.

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Disaster lesbian11 Disaster lesbian11 2 days ago

I think I am agender. Can somebody help

I started to question my gender not long ago, maybe 2 or 3 months ago because i felt the term girl didn't fit me. I liked the term agender because when I got myself more into figuring out my gender, it kinda felt like I just didn't have a gender, and that I didn't want to be seen as a girl, boy or an enby, but just me.

But the thing is that ive never really thought about my gender before this, it has never really occured to me that I could be anything else than a girl. Unlike a lot of other trans/enby people that i have read about/talked with, Ive never had a big problem being grouped with girls at school or going to the womens bathroom. I also love presenting feminine and wearing dresses, but I guess that doesn't really have anything to sa…

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TheWilliamAfton666 TheWilliamAfton666 3 days ago

Xeno pronouns

How do xeno and chara pronouns work?

I’ve seen some people relate to different Xenogenders, but how does it work normally? Like, if you were, let’s say, beargender. If someone wanted to use pronouns like bearself, would it be bear/bears/bearself?

And with charapronouns, if someone wanted to be...idk Chara from undertale for the heck of it, would those genders be Chara/charas/charaself? Or William Afton could it be Will/Afts/Willself? Or Luke Skywalker Luk/Skys/Lukself?

It’s really confusing to me, since I live with my sister and mom who are trying to squash all my differences and stopping me from learning about things like this. My dad’s okay with it though, thankfully.

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Thatgaybestfriend Thatgaybestfriend 3 days ago

Question about making a system

Hi! I wanted to make a gender system based off of nature, which would be things like mushroomgender and other biogenders together (I promise it makes more sense in reality). I was wondering if I could make a page for it since I didn't create the labels (except for mushroomgender), and I'm putting mostly already existing labels together in one system? I'm sorry if this is confusing ;-;

(ps. my intention for making the system is because I fall into it, and find the themes of the genders in question to be quite similar. if you'd like me to talk more about my ideas, i'll happily let you know. also sorry for the obnoxious questions since i am new to making pages and such.)

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Mycosst Mycosst 4 days ago


the trolls are gonna drive me crazy istg

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VoidlingTechno VoidlingTechno 5 days ago

Q and A!

Heyo people! How are you? I’m bored so I thought a Q and A would be nice, just to get to know eachother! You do not have to answer if ya don’t want to. No one will judge you! Be yourself!

  1. What’s your name or preferred name?
  2. what is your sexuality and pronouns?
  3. do you feel happy with who you are?
  4. Do you watch anime? If so, what’s your favorite anime?
  5. do you like reading? If so, what is your favorite book?
  6. what is your favorite game to play? (If you play games)
  7. what do you like to do in your free time?
  8. what is your favorite food and/or drink?
  9. do you like art?
  10. do you like listening to music?

im sorry it’s so long. Like I said, you don’t have to answer if you don’t feel comfortable about answering. I hope we can be friends. Bye! 🏳️‍🌈

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RainTheGenderfluid RainTheGenderfluid 7 days ago

Question About Gender

So, I have a couple questions:

1) Can genderflorer people feel androgynous genders?

2) Is there a type of genderfluidity where you don't know what genders you are experiencing? Like, you know that your gender is changing, but no labels accurately describe your genders?

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HiddenInTheCloset HiddenInTheCloset 7 days ago

Sexuality Help

I have a question.

I have up to this point identified as pansexual. But now I'm kinda confused. Is it possible to feel demisexual towards men and not towards any other genders? I think I feel attracted to women when I don't know them that well, but I think I only like guys after I get to know them better. Is that possible or am I just over-complicating things?

I'm a baby gay I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense

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HiddenInTheCloset HiddenInTheCloset 9 days ago

Behind The Closet Door

Hi, I'm just a pansexual teenager. Wow, that feels so good to write down. But it also is so scary. Only four people know about this all of which I would quite literally tell anything to and trust them to keep the secret. So yeah, that's my life right now. This is so scary for me right now, because this is the most public I've ever been with my sexuality. So please be nice to me. This is terrifying.

Anyways, I started coming out this year. I don't know the day I started figuring out that I like girls too (I was AFAB), but looking back at all of my "really good friends" who were girls, I definitely liked quite a few of them. I stumbled across the term pansexual one day, and it all just clicked. I thought I was bi for a while, but that label n…

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RainTheGenderfluid RainTheGenderfluid 9 days ago


Is there a gender like cassgenderfaun, but instead of knowing that they aren't fem, they know that they're masc? I don't really feel like my gender matters at all, but at the same time, labels are really important to me (I know that's kinda contradictory, but whatever).

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RainTheGenderfluid RainTheGenderfluid 9 days ago

I Need Help With My Gender


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Thistledown15 Thistledown15 10 days ago

Polyamory I need help

I'm really open to polyamorous relationships, but I wouldn't actively seek it out.

If my partner was polyamorous, I would be okay with it and I might even start to fall in love with their other partners, but if my partner was monogamous, they would be enough for me. HOWEVER- if someone came up to me and told me they liked me and I had a monogamous partner, I would put the person on hold, decide if I would like to date them or not, and talk to my partner about it. if my partner is okay with it, and I like the person, then I will ask the person if they are okay with polyamory. if my partner is not okay with it, or I don't like the person, then I will say no. any clue if I'm polyamorous or if I'm something else?

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Thistledown15 Thistledown15 10 days ago

That moment when

you want to draw stuff with your gender flag, but your gender flag has a gradient and you are too lazy to do something about it

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25Volarsleet 25Volarsleet 11 days ago

my quest to find my gender

I already made a post/blog whatever about my gender but I think I can describe it better

so you could put my gender into two identity’s I am fluid between


the first part of my gender is also fluid/flux between male and female. I go from 100% female -> 50% female 50% male. I think it might be bi-genderflux but the problem is that I never feel agender. I always feel fully gendered (or have I gotten the definition wrong?)


and the second part is kenochoric

I change between these two, I’m never 50/50 between them.

I’m always thankful for your help

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25Volarsleet 25Volarsleet 12 days ago

Can someone help me

I was pretty sure I was bigender-flux because i my gender identity changed daily from 100% girl to around 50% girl and 50% guy but-

Then I realized that sometimes I feel like both/null, not as in 50/50 but as the two genders melting into one and becoming.. neutral/null/void like (not agender)

So: I feel 3 genders- girl, guy and null/void/neutral(idk what that’s called so I would also love help with that :D

and the two binary genders, girl and guy, fluctuate between 100%->50% girl and 0%guy to 50% guy.

and then there’s the void like which is never fluctuating. It’s not 100% to 0%, it’s 100% OR 0%

does anyone have an idea of what its called?

Thank you

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KibasMinkle KibasMinkle 15 days ago


Y’all ever feel like you don’t exist because you’re only deadnamed and misgendered ☠️👌🏳️‍⚧️

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Popfull Popfull 16 days ago


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FemiTheFemaric FemiTheFemaric 17 days ago

I'm confused on what is my gender (Warning: I have terrible grammar so you may not understand)

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RoseWatera RoseWatera 18 days ago

Rick Astley is Bendys voice actor

Rick Astley

  • Bendy

We're no strangers to love

You know the rules and so do I

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling

Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long

Your heart's been aching, but

You're too shy to say it

Inside, we both know what's been going on

We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling

Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye …

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Gibbsx3 Gibbsx3 18 days ago

Can someone explain the difference between these





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BigBoozleJuice BigBoozleJuice 20 days ago

uhh questioning somethin

uh is there something out there that means I'm more attracted to men then anything, but that changes sometimes, and then Im more attracted to women, but like heavily attracted, to one more than the other, but Im still willing to be with them even if they're not what Im extremely attracted to, like I don't know if that's omni or like sanssexual but Im confused, and that describes me a lot. I know for a fact I am asexual, but like my romantic attraction changes Like for the past three weeks Im mainly attracted to males but like I don't mind dating a girl or nb person while still being attracted to boys, but like the three months before that it was women but I was dating a guy, but I was more attracted to women I wouldn't say it's omni but sa…

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Definitelynotanalien Definitelynotanalien 22 days ago

Finding flag creators

Sorry, nvm

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Idkwhattoputhere12345 Idkwhattoputhere12345 23 days ago

I Have no Idea What I Am

So, I’m kinda new to all of this LGBTQIA+ stuff, so I’m not sure what to identify as, or if I even am LGBTQIA+

So some days, I feel like acting traditionally masculine (i.e. things you associate with masculinity), but more frequently I feel like acting traditionally feminine (i.e. things you associate with femininity). Is there a term for this, or am I not including enough details?


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Mercuryorhymn Mercuryorhymn 25 days ago

trying to make a new label to fit me

so obligatory intro, i’m mercury or hymn, i use xe/xem, thon/thons, soul/souls, and they/them pronouns.

now onto my main issue. i’m like 90% sure i might be aromantic, more specifically arovague and,,,, something like nebularomantic? (don’t attack me, i’m autistic, i can use these terms)

i feel kinda like nebularomantic, but instead of being unable to differentiate between platonic and romantic attractions, i can’t differentiate between fixual (basically hyperfixation- or special-interest-based attraction) and romantic attraction. so i’m tryna make a term for that ^^

if any help could be given with anything related to said term (name and flag mainly) i’d be eternally grateful!! tysmm!

also apologies for not putting this into a category, i’m on…

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Genderiscomplex Genderiscomplex 25 days ago

im kinda confused lol

How do you link wiki pages on your profile I wanna do it to mine and im confused

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Ummidk..00 Ummidk..00 26 days ago

Help, I’m counfuseeed

So I was always like rlly feminine like I love wearing dresses, skirts, pink and stuff you know, but recently I started feeling like it just isn’t right for me, like I still like them but I feel more disconnected from being a girl, does that mean I’m a non binary or a she/they or they/she? Like I feel more disconnected from she/her pronouns but I’m not sure tho, can yall give me some advice please? I’m also questioning my sexuality too so some advice would definitely help

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Mswolfy81 Mswolfy81 26 days ago

Art / Flag Question

Actually, I remembered the NB flag exists and am going to use that. Also, how do you delete a post? X3

Hehe, figured out normal posts ^^

I'm making an 'LGBTQIA+' art piece thingy and I have the basic rainbow pride flag as the border/background thing and respective flags for each of the letters but I don't know what to put in the '+'? Does anyone have any ideas of common or broad terms that I could put the flag of in the '+'?

(also this isn't the type of post I meant to make- Still learning how to navigate the wiki properly ^^')

Also, the finished work is in the comments for anyone interested

I chose Vincian for the G to parallel Lesbian since the flags are similar and it is a masculine x masculine attraction, and Gay is often thought of as the …

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Ap0lloooooo Ap0lloooooo 27 days ago

gender issues ‼️

hello, everyone. my name is len, and my pronouns are frog/xe/they/he/she. please dont call me girl/miss/sis. my genders are gendervoid, saturnian & demigirl, which makes me trigender! today i’ll be talking about gender.

alright, so i used to have so many problems with my gender, and it SUCKED. it was like “i needed a gender to live”. but one day, i found out about the term gendervoid. it pretty much related to me. i felt like i had an empty space for gender, but i just couldnt. i didnt know why, though. after i used the term, i was honestly happy, since my life is kinda complete. i think this is a big ass cliffhanger, but oh well. i dont know how to complete sentences and stuff, but yeah. see you all soon!

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LilPanda5665 LilPanda5665 29 days ago


Okay, so I think I like they/them pronouns, a bit better than she/her. And I THINK I feel somewhat Agender, or genderless but also female. Most of it is female. But if someone asked me, “what’s your gender?” I would say girl. Also, I don’t have trouble picking which bathroom to use, I just go into the girls, and I feel comfortable in it. But I don’t think I feel fully female. I also really want people to not be able to tell if I’m a girl or a boy. But that won’t happen because I have HUGE boobs, which I HATE. But I also love wearing dresses and skirts. Am I demigirl?

EDIT: I will take answers even if my question is a year old or 8 months.

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Adorable almond Adorable almond 29 days ago

pls help msg me if u are up to the challenge of whats my romantic orientation

message me if u think you can help pls

also if u have any advice as to how to find out ur gender atm/romantic orientation

read the page about me if u wanna know more info before you talk to me

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XxxdreamyxxX XxxdreamyxxX 29 January

quantityfluid check out my profile to see what it means!:)

just click my profile it will take you there

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Chxractxr Chxractxr 27 January

Little Non-binary Journal Thing

Being non-binary be like;

  • 1 27/01/2021
  • 2 1/02/2021
  • 3 6/02/2021
  • 4 14/02/2021

Today, I asked my mother if there was more than one gender. ( I decided to pretend I didn`t know, so it`d be less awkward. )

She said there were, so that confirms that she knows there`s more than male and female! That`s gonna make coming out a lot easier now that I`m confident that she wouldn`t say something like " That`s not real " or " That`s just a phase. " like I originally feared.

Even though I trust my father would believe me, I might try pull the same on my Dad.

My brother said he would call people who identify out of the binary " It " - and not in a friendly way like " Oh people want these pronouns neat " as in-

" This thing isn`t normal. " - or at least that`s what I g…

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ParkerIsHere ParkerIsHere 27 January

Hello LGBT Community...

Hi, um....

I guess I should introduce myself so... cool...

My name is Parker.... I usually go by Parker, but you can call me Wilson if you feel like it...

Pronouns are he/they... Don't know how the "they" will work into there... heh...

I'm just trying to figure myself out while learning other things along the way...

so just wanted to say hey!

- Parker :)

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Frozen beef Frozen beef 27 January

Bear Xenogender

Is there an existing Xenogender that’s related to bears? Like bear/bears/bearself? Cause if not maybe I could make one

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Jax.Jackie.Jay Jax.Jackie.Jay 27 January



Abrogender is very similar to abrosexual, in that they both change sexuality/gender. Abrogender is where your gender is constantly changing, or changing every once in awhile. Also very similar genderfluid! Some say it is like you are constantly discovering your gender. Another way to describe is its, say one day you could feel non-binary and the next day you could feel like a demigirl.

For abrogender people their identity can change over hours, days, months, or even years. Some abrogender people are fluid between all genders, while others may only be fluid between a few. Its different for every abrogender person. I hope this helps!

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Gay0cactus Gay0cactus 25 January

i want to start a wiki but i dont know what it should be about..

i just, don't know... any ideas?

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Foxivity Foxivity 22 January


Here I am once again with a new musicagender :) This time it's dubstepgender!

If you relate to this gender feel free to contact me! (I might not get notifications on fandomwiki but feel free to message me on twitter @miskofox)

I'm really passionate and attached to dubstep, and I'd love to discuss it with xenic people like myself! ^^

Much love /p

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Foxivity Foxivity 21 January


Came up with a term to describe the state of having multiple genders where one feels like they are collecting genders and making a collection of them. Got inspired to make this after seeing Worldgender and thinking about my own experience!

Link: Colligogender

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Foxivity Foxivity 21 January


Made a page about a new xenogender! I'm not the first one who came up with it pretty sure, as I've seen a couple of other people who have mentioned it in several places.

Link: Daycoregender

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RowanWisteria RowanWisteria 21 January


I’m new here so.... here we go!

  • 1 Name
  • 2 Gender
  • 3 Sexuality
  • 4 Pronouns
  • 5 I don’t know what this section is called!
  • 6 Relationship Status
  • 7 Why Am I Starting a Blog?
  • 8 Anything Else?
  • 9 Pronouns RN

Rowan Wisteria(this is not my irl name, it’s my internet name)

Faunflux (also identify with genderfaun, genderflux, genderfluid, nonbinary, and genderqueer) And, um, I think I might be huegender(it fits but I’m a little hesitant to identify with it with all the hate over xenogenders)

I just go by queer. :P I like all genders, I just don’t feel comfy with a specific label for my sexuality.

(change depending on the day)








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Xkureijibitchix Xkureijibitchix 18 January

For people to understand about Animesexual of what it really is

-DISCLAIMER- I respect your opinion about "animesexual" I have no hate on your answer nor opinion but this is my opinion about "animesexual"

Yes there are people who are likely to see kids on gacha life who are infamous for fetishizing the LGBTQ + community and mostly more stuff that is homophobic, but saying that animesexual isn't a really sexuality because of body pillows and "simping" for anime characters isn't fetish and it isn't part of the LGBTQ + community, it's mostly to a community to people who have it difficult or impossible to be attracted towards people in real life which of course contains aromantic and asexual, there's a lot of people mostly making fun of animesexual and mostly being rude about it, you see before anime became …

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Foxivity Foxivity 18 January


Hello! I coined a new term for omnisexual people who experience variying intensities for attractions towards different genders, while still liking all genders! This term/label is not "unnecessary" as it can be quite comforting and useful for people who like using more specific labels!

Think about it like the sexuality version of what fluidflux is to genderfluid :)

The wiki page: omniflux

Hope it's helpful!

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ThatOneKnows ThatOneKnows 17 January

Identity Explanation


This blog will be more for personal use for me to keep track of my identity since I can even get lost sometimes. This will be edited as I find more about myself. You can reference this back if you ever forget about my confusing self.

  • 1 Pronouns
    • 1.1 They/Them
    • 1.2 Thon/Thon
    • 1.3 He/Him
  • 2 Gender Identity
    • 2.1 Agender
  • 3 Sexual Attraction
    • 3.1 Asexual
    • 3.2 Aegosexual
    • 3.3 Iamvanosexual
  • 4 Romantic Attraction
    • 4.1 Aromantic
    • 4.2 Demiromantic
    • 4.3 Arospike
    • 4.4 Andromantic
    • 4.5 Cupioromantic
  • 5 Platonic Attraction
    • 5.1 Aplatonic
    • 5.2 Frayplatonic
    • 5.3 Aplspike
  • 6 Other

Nothing else to say rather than it's just the general one I want people to use and fits with my gender identity.

I just love how thon is a contraction of "that one," and that's my name. I want people to use it more to see how I feel a…

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RainbowMagicalSquid RainbowMagicalSquid 15 January

I can't find a term for my sexuality

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LilithIsGay LilithIsGay 15 January


Is there a word for a gender that changes depending on the time of day (ex. being female in the morning, but being more agender in the evening, etc.)? I haven't seen any terms that really fit how I felt yet.

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Sakuraogamisimp Sakuraogamisimp 14 January

my intro :,)


Name: Shae

Time zone / Area: North America CST (Central Standard Time) :)

Pronouns: berry/strawberry/strawberries/berryself or strawberryself - bug / bugs / bugs / bugself - it / its / its / itself - they / them / their / themself - phey/phem/pheir/pheirs/pheirself - lav/laven/lavend/lavends/lavendself - sa / sage / sage's / sageself

Age: ✨ minor✨

Relationship(s): i have a girlfriend (Jeanetta) and enby s/o (Amari / Muffin / Mars / Sock / Bread) :)

Sexuality: graysexual, panromantic, polyamorous

Gender / Gender identity: Non-binary, transgender, AFAB (assigned female at birth)

About me: hihi! im a non-binary youngin who's currently trying to figure out their identity ;^; i do art, play games, and cosplay! i love Danganronpa, Vocaloid, and Keep Your Hands Off…

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Clundae Clundae 13 January

I just figured out that I'm demiflux

After idenitfying as a demigirl for a while, I found a term that fits me a lot better, which is demiflux. The static part of my identity is that I'm a demigirl, and the fluctuating part is nonbinaryflux. My pronouns are she/they/it and yeah I just feel happy that I figured out my identity finally. Thanks to the anonymous Reddit user who suggested it to me. I'm still gonna just call myself nonbinary/demigirl just because I don't really feel like explaining to everyone who asks about my gender, but I'm happy that I figured it out for myself.

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1-800-Pride 1-800-Pride 13 January

My terms I use to identify myself

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