The babycoric flag.

An alternate babycoric flag by (Redacted).

An alternate babycoric flag by Pride-Flags.

Babycoric is a coric xenogender related to babycore. It involves the imagery of pastel, cute, and childlike objects and aesthetics, including My Melody plushies, pastel rainbows and toddler-like outfits. It leans toward softer, more cute elements, unlike kidcoric which consists of many bright colors. One can be babycoric and have any gender expression.

Similar genders include childgender, sanriocoric, and sanriogender.

History and Flag

Babycoric was submitted to Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags by someone only known as Hi and posted on February 15, 2019.[1] The babycoric flag was created by beyond-mogai-pride-flags later on March 2, 2019.[2] Its use of pastel colors is reminiscent of babycore aesthetics.[3]

The alternate babycoric flag was created by FANDOM user (Redacted) on November 2, 2020. The pastel colors represent the softness of babycore as well as presenting feminine, masculine, and neutral colors.

Another alternate babycoric flag was created by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on March 5, 2021.[4] Their alternate flag was meant to make the babycoric flag easier on the eyes.